Maxxis Ardent Reviews

Main advantage:

For Cross Country mountain biking this may be the recommended tire model because it is built to high standards to provide better grip and traction as well as traction no matter the surface conditions.

Main disadvantage:

These tires have the technology and properties to be suitable for mountain biking in the Cross Country mode, as well as for other similar ones, so they are not suitable for other disciplines.

Verdict: 9.6/10

Considered one of the best MTB tires at the moment, these tires are made with quality materials and multi-purpose studs that provide the cyclist with greater grip and traction, with tubeless technology.

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Main Features Explained

Modality and construction

The Maxxis Ardent are MTB tires that, according to user opinions, provide adequate stability and skid level, which makes them appear as one of the best-selling and convenient for the Cross Country, Enduro and MTB modalities in general, as well as for mountain descent.

These tires have a solid and robust construction that has been made with high-grade materials, so they are suitable for inhospitable terrain that poses a challenge to cyclists, because they respond precisely.

According to the perspective of cycling experts, a Maxxis Ardent may be the best MTB tire on the market to ride on complex terrain, because it has a freestyle design and high durability, with an anti-puncture system, which prevents the tire from slipping. have problems on the road.

The robust construction, together with the technological developments applied to the covers, make this model one of the most suitable and prudent on the market. This can be used both by professionals in the sport, as well as by beginners who are venturing into the world of MTB cycling, as it helps to have better performance, with optimization of pedaling on various terrains.


Regardless of the number of kilometers that have been ridden, the Maxxis Ardent tires will perform adequately and will look like new, because they have a reduced level of wear, thanks to the fact that they have additional protection, which facilitates pedaling on complex surfaces such as those of trail. These tires have a tread that is described as robust, due to its high volume carcass, which has been designed to provide traction during pedalling.

In addition, the Ardent model includes lateral knobs that provide edges suitable for cornering at high speed and without losing control, while the tread offers efficient pedaling, as well as efficient, precise and effective braking.

These characteristics respond to the work of a team of engineers and designers from the Maxxis team, who have studied the needs of cyclists, so these tires seek to provide greater lateral grip on any type of surface or terrain.

Also, these experts have included several technologies in the Ardent tires, such as a thick carcass and the tubeless innovation, which offers the possibility that the parts be used without an inner tube. Similarly, their manufacturer Maxxis has added EXO Protection technology, making them resistant to cuts, abrasion and punctures.

Tacos and specifications

All the advantages and benefits offered by the Maxxis Ardent model have been added to provide the cyclist with a better experience during the route, as well as to reduce times. Although its price may be a little higher than that of other models in similar categories, this Maxxis alternative is more resistant, because it includes special studs that provide greater adherence to the terrain, with a relatively low weight of just 700 grams per tire, so speed is not reduced, but safety and stability during the journey are increased.

These tires have a flexible bead and are available with a TPI 60, so they are medium and robust, with adequate rolling resistance and an amount of rubber that offers durability.

In addition, the Ardent fits the needs of mountain bikers, because they have a set of studs that can be used for rally or marathon. According to its specifications, it has a center knob and spacing that facilitates fast and effective pedalling, while the lateral knobs provide a secure grip to provide stability in the corners.

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