Maxxis Ikon 29 Reviews

Main advantage:

The Ikon 29 from the manufacturer Maxxis are tires that have been built with quality materials, so they are solid and suitable for the complex terrain of mountain biking, since they provide superior grip, regardless of the surface conditions.

Main disadvantage:

Although designed for superior performance, these tires can be unstable at high speeds. However, it is a matter of time and habit to adapt to them.

Verdict: 9.5/10

These tires are suitable for the rider’s enhanced performance, with a reduced level of wear and are equipped with Tubeless ready technology and a folding bead. These characteristics make this option one of the favorites of users.

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Main Features Explained


According to the opinions and suggestions of users who have had the opportunity to try the Maxxis Ikon 29, these tires are the most suitable for mountain biking and are recommended for those who are looking for a tire that is suitable for racing because Although its dimensions are voluminous, its weight is light, which allows greater speed and an adequate level of skidding.

MTB tires are special for mountain biking modalities and to better adjust to the standards of cyclists. Each of the manufacturers has added cutting-edge technologies that, when integrated and united in the construction, make the tires high-end alternatives. This is the case of the Maxxis Ikon 29 model, which has been equipped with technologies that improve its functions and make it suitable for responding to the challenges of MTB modalities.

For example, within its developments, the Ikon are covered with sides resistant to cuts and abrasion, because they have technology with Exon protection on the sides. Also, these Maxxis tires have tubeless innovation, so they do not require an inner tube, which makes them functional and puncture-proof alternatives. To complete these technological features, these tires have a folding rim.

Weight and measurements

MTB tires have different costs that vary according to properties such as dimensions or size, weight and technologies. Among all the options available in the market, the Maxxis Ikon model is one of the best valued for its quality, performance and low price, when compared to other options in the same range.

The Ikon are recognized as suitable tires, for their robust and resistant sidewalls, easy assembly and superior performance, but with lightweight properties, which is why they are references in rally, MTB cycling and other mountain disciplines. Each of these tires weighs no more than 700 grams, making them light enough to be suitable for racing, with a width that provides the stability needed to ride safely and confidently.

According to its properties, the Ikon model has a size of 29 inches, with a useful grip for varied terrain. In addition, it has a progressive profile, which works efficiently when traveling on straight lines or in curves. In both cases, they provide firmness and resistance during pedaling, so that the cyclist has a better experience and optimized performance.

Tacos and versatility

The best MTB tire is the one that provides good grip and adherence, with an adequate level of skidding on any terrain. So, if you are looking for these standards, consider purchasing the Maxxis Ikon 29 model, because it has adequate performance thanks to its technical specifications, which are complemented by the lug system for traction.

On one hand, these studs are made of durable material, while on the other, their pattern is separated, allowing them to dig into loose ground. However, this separation does not cause inconvenience, rather, this system reduces rolling resistance and provides functional grip.

In order for their effect to be even and equitable on all surfaces, regardless of whether they are wet or dry, it is recommended that they be installed on both the front and rear wheels of the bicycle. For the winter season with wet ground, the versatility of the Maxxis Ikon have a correct performance, because they are built with a double compound and 60 TPI, so they are quite durable, compared to other models of similar brands.

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