Mizuno Wave Rider 22 Reviews

Main advantage:

The design of these shoes is quite attractive, since they are available in green with black and are equipped with a special round and semi-elastic lace-up closure system to provide an optimal fit.

Main disadvantage:

At first these shoes may seem a little stiff, however, over time you will adapt to them until you feel very comfortable to perform your practices properly.


Verdict: 9.8/10

The Wave Rider 22 model is capable of providing you with a sole and a last that could add comfort to your practices, so that you obtain a better performance in your races.

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Main Features Explained


One of the most important parts of running shoes for men according to the opinions of many users are the soles, since these allow you to enjoy a much more comfortable and comforting footprint depending on the different technologies they have or even the material with which they are used. which are composed.

It is for this reason that you should not ignore the possibility of taking into account its shape, construction and composition so that you can determine if the shoes could be what you are looking for.

The Mizuno Wave Rider 22 model this time has slightly changed the shape of its soles in terms of the drawing and the relief they have, since the rear part is made up of a heel covered by X10 rubber with 85º hardness. Likewise, the external part of said heel has a modularization interpreted by some grooves, which help a lot to feel comfortable with each use.

Likewise, in the heel area there is the U4ICX compound, this material makes contact with the sole and helps to provide softness and lightness, but at the same time, it offers greater cushioning capacity and energy return to your feet. On the other hand, the midsole is made with U4IC, which means a more reactive and comfortable pair of shoes with each step.


The best running shoes for men must be characterized by offering an appropriate design, as well as a quality sole and last so that your feet can always feel comfortable.

This time the Mizuno brand has designed shoes with a well-balanced last, starting first with the fact that your size fits correctly. This characteristic is usually of great importance when buying a product of this type, since a small or larger size than you really are could cause certain problems regarding the comfort and convenience of your feet.

Likewise, in the part of the forefoot, the shape of the last is quite rounded, which provides a much more comfortable positioning of the fingers as they have the possibility of not being tight and being able to expand with each step.

On the other hand, the insole that these shoes offer is thick, about 5 millimeters approximately, and with 35º of hardness, which means a much more pleasant cushioning sensation compared to other shoes. In a few words, this model could be used by insoles, and could provide comfort to supinator runners.

Wave Rider 22 today is available on the market at a very affordable price and is capable of giving you the advantages that other models with much higher prices could provide, therefore, it would not be a bad thing to take it into account when of your choice.


This feature never goes unnoticed when looking for sneakers, as it is one of the first to be taken into account. Thus, the Mizuno brand brings you training shoes suitable for runners with a maximum weight of 80 kilograms, although they could also be used by some heavier people, but who only carry out a quick practice.

In its structure there is a mesh that provides a considerably good level of ventilation, in addition to the perspiration that your feet need to stay dry during each practice.

On the other hand, the aesthetics offered by these shoes is also part of their appeal, as they adapt to fashion trends without sacrificing efficiency.

Likewise, the fastening system results from laces that are semi-elastic and rounded to provide a much more comfortable and secure closure for each shoe, while the front area has a well-sewn reinforcement to protect said area and increase the durability of the product.

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