Morocco desert trip

If you are looking to undertake a trip whose destination is full of beautiful landscapes and adventures, the Moroccan desert may be that place. There, you can enjoy good hospitality, go on expeditions through endless sand dunes, appreciate ancient fortresses and even sleep pleasantly under the great blanket of stars.

The Sahara desert is one of the main attractions of Morocco, it has a unique ecosystem and a Muslim population that mostly corresponds to the Berbers. When seeking to enter this territory, tourists usually arrive by plane and start their excursions to the desert from Marrakech. However, you could also depart from other places such as Fez, but the possibility of finding international flights, as well as tourist agencies, is less.


Promised sites of interest

Given the great breadth and variety of environments that the desert keeps, three different zones can be appreciated. First, the desert of Merzouga or Erg Chebbi stands out, a landscape that contains the characteristic desert dunes that reach 150 meters in height. Close to the border with Algeria, the dunes of Merzouga with orange tones manage to cover a length of 22 km from north to south and 6 km wide but, despite being a large desert, Erg Chebbi is located a short distance from the town from Merzouga.

30 kilometers from the M’hamid population is the Erg Chigaga desert, which enters the Reg. That is, the stone desert and reaches the Erg, the sand desert. Finally, there is the Zagora desert located about 50 km from the border. It is the desert that is closest to the city of Marrakech, about 350 km. Unlike other deserts, Zagora is much more arid and has larger rock formations, instead of having the immense successions of dunes.

On the other hand, in the desert of Morocco there are also many other cities and natural corners that cover the landscape. Among the towns, the Kasbah of Aït Ben Haddou stands out, this city built in adobe was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and is one of the points with the highest reception of tourists; It is not in vain that great Hollywood productions have been made in it. Cities like Ouarzazate are practical territory for travelers heading for both the Atlas and the desert, and even Erfoud and Rissani are equally interesting villages that keep their culture and customs intact.

Among the spectacular natural landscapes that are hidden between the mountains, are the Todra or Dades Gorges, which are rocky mountains chiseled in the form of canyons and cliffs. Also, the Dades is a valley that lets you see the mountains of the High Atlas. The Valley of the Roses, for its part, releases pleasant aromas in spring; while the Draa Valley covers nearly 100 kilometers and is home to pleasant landscapes of date palms. Finally, an area that is rarely visited, but that is also surprising at first sight, is the Zat River Valley, where you can see small villages with traditional architecture and shades of green thanks to the crops.


The best time to visit the desert

Temperatures, in areas with little rainfall, are extreme. Therefore, if you decide to travel to this desert landscape in Morocco, it is recommended to do it in winter or spring. Although in the Atlas area there are records of low temperatures in summer.

The important thing is to travel with prevention, to have appropriate clothing and creams that protect from UV rays, as well as to have water bottles (you can find some options to buy at this link) with enough water to keep the body fresh and hydrated during the day. And at night, have good coats on hand to rest and withstand the low temperatures.

Activities you can do in the desert

When traveling to Morocco, one of the unmissable activities is the excursion to the desert of Marrakech. However, throughout this territory and in each of its towns there are many other dynamics that increase the list. Camels are a very common option when going on a desert safari. Many travel agencies, as well as the locals themselves, have these large animals already trained as a means of transport.

Another alternative to enjoy the desert even more is to spend the night in a tent in the middle of the dunes and wake up observing the first rays of the sun from the top of its hills, which is why many tourists consider that the best alternative to sleep in the desert is to choose by Erg Shebbi.

Likewise, each Moroccan city offers tourists an authentic gastronomy, where the use of spices is appreciated, as well as a unique mixture of sweet and salty nuances. Among the dishes are Couscous and Tajine, although Tea represents a typical drink and baklavas are the classic sweet desserts of the region. After enjoying a good meal, you could well visit a Madrasa, which is a religious school where the Koran is studied.

In cities like Fez or Marrakech you can see these structures, whose finishes show magnificent work. Finally, you could visit a Tannery and although the smell is not very pleasant, the process of making bags or belts with leather becomes a great learning experience.

Despite the fact that temperatures reach 52ºC in summer, for many tourists this climate does not prevent them from visiting the Sahara and appreciating each of its beautiful corners.

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