Motorola T50 Opinions

Main advantage: 

This Motorola model stands out for having an optimized operation, since its manufacturer has equipped it with the possibility of joining eight frequency channels, with 121 codes. This diversifies its use, while providing greater contact privacy in the channels.

Main disadvantage:

Despite being a well-functioning and robustly built device, its structure has not been equipped with a headphone jack, which prevents hands-free communication and private mode.

Verdict: 9.6/10

This model stands among the best walkie talkies on the market for being made of dense plastic and incorporating a backlit screen, as well as several frequency channels and long battery life. 

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Main Features Explained

Design and display

For those who enjoy nature walks and delight in spending time outdoors, a pair of walkie talkies is a must. This will ensure wireless communication between the parties effectively. However, the prudent thing to do when making a choice is to opt for models that have a practical and portable design that does not limit movement or hinder the experience. Among all the available options, the T50 prototype from the manufacturer Motorola usually stands out as one of the best walkie talkies on the market, since its design is compact and portable, and its aesthetics are striking.

This Motorola proposal is made up of two devices that are available in an elegant predominantly white color, a hue that allows them to be easily recognized if they fall on vegetation. At the same time, the bodies of the walkie talkies include details in black and gray, with an ergonomic structure that allows easy grip, through a system that prevents them from slipping from the hands. 

All these physical attributes are accompanied by a large liquid crystal screen, with backlighting, which offers the possibility of a correct visualization of the channel and the icon indicating the level of battery charge. Likewise, in the lower part of each of the devices are the speakers and microphones that have been added discreetly to complete the general aesthetics of the equipment.

On the other hand, the T50s are light in weight at less than 200 grams each, so their portable status is guaranteed. Similarly, these teams include a belt clip in their structure. Through this functional element, the user will be able to hang the walkie talkie on the pants or on a backpack strap while not using it, in order to have their hands free.

Construction and accessibility

According to the opinions of users about the T50 model from the manufacturer Motorola, these devices have been built with robust materials, so they give the impression of being resistant and with well-made finishes, for a piece that looks strong and durable. This is because these walkie talkies have been manufactured with a body made almost entirely of dense and compact plastic, which is resistant to shocks and positively tolerates exposure to different climates and eventualities of nature, without its damage. mechanical performance is affected.

In addition, this Motorola alternative is recommended for having an optimized operation, by means of easy-to-operate buttons, which allow adequate accessibility to all the options and modes that the equipment has. 

For this reason, right in the middle of the body of each of the walkie talkies, between the speaker and the screen, there is a small keyboard area, with several large buttons clearly identified with both icons and letters, which, when pressed, execute an immediate command, such as volume or lock, as well as other keys that have been incorporated in order for the user to go through the menu configuration to make the required adjustments. 

Like most devices, in order to establish communication with the interlocutor, a button located on the side of the walkie talkie must be pressed and held.

On the other hand, the T50 model requires two AAA batteries (in each unit) for its operation. These are included in the package and are rechargeable. According to the estimated time announced by Motorola and supported by buyers who have been able to use the walkie talkies, these batteries last up to 16 hours.

Scope and functions 

The price of walkie talkies usually varies according to the range with which they have been equipped and the frequencies or number of channels in which it is possible to interact. For this reason, the Motorola brand has created the T50 with the intention that the user remains in communication throughout the journey in nature. To achieve this, it provided the equipment with a connection range of up to six kilometers. 

It is necessary to emphasize that this scope of the Motorola T50 corresponds to free and continuous paths, in open space. In the city, buildings and other concrete structures detract from the quality of communication, while reducing the operational distance between the two teams. In that case, they are efficient only for a few meters.

Similarly, these devices have the option to select between 8 channels, with 121 codes or subchannels. This provides greater versatility and confidentiality to communicate with colleagues, since, although it is not an encrypted system, by having higher frequencies in the channels, there is less possibility of outsiders interfering with communication or reaching the messages broadcast. for the group.

On the other hand, this model is efficient in operation and has been enabled with features that enhance its use: auto squelch, keypad lock, channel scan, five ring tones, confirmation tone, room monitoring, pulse tone, alert audible call to contact the rest of the colleagues, as well as end-of-call tone and an automatic shutdown function for energy savings.

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