Munich Sapporo Reviews

Main advantage:  

The Sapporo model stands out, among other things, for the combination of colors in its structure, as they make it an attractive pair of sneakers capable of attracting the attention of anyone. In addition, they have good finishes.

Main disadvantage:

Its price is somewhat high compared to other models of the same brand, therefore you should consider this disadvantage before making the purchase.


Verdict: 9.8/10

These may be the best Munich sneakers because they are a model made with high quality materials, resistance and durability, therefore, you could consider them as a good option for you.

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Main Features Explained



Thinking about buying the best Munich sneakers, we cannot ignore the fact of looking at the soles that the model that most attracts your attention may have, since it will depend on these that you can enjoy a more comfortable tread with each use.

The Munich brand has always tried to incorporate quality materials into its models and this is no exception, since the sole of the shoes is made of Phylon material, a very light compound with a sensitive and low profile, which comes from small balls. EVA foam, these are compressed and heat treated so that they can be expanded and finally cooled in a mold.

Quite apart, the midsole of these shoes has black Eva rubber that, like Phylon, makes the shoes a less dense and therefore lighter product, with the great characteristic of being able to provide you with safe footsteps as well as a great time. of useful life before each step you take.

For its part, the design present in the sole will allow you to enjoy a good grip on the surface, to achieve stable steps. That is why, if you enjoy walking and going for walks through the streets of your city, this model could be an appropriate option for you.


According to the opinions of many experts, the design that a pair of sneakers can provide you with will always be a crucial detail to confirm that they are the model you are really looking for, since features such as the finish, the color and the fabric.

That being the case, we could not leave aside the description of the design present in the Sapporo model sneakers, since we are talking about one of the most attractive models of the Munich brand, due to the combination of colors it offers and its finish in general.

In this way, let’s start by describing its beautiful structure that is made up of the colors yellow and blue. Both shades create a high-contrast combination, which is sure to appeal to many wearers.

Likewise, the finish present in each seam is of quality and makes these shoes a really practical and durable model, since they suppose more resistance between the union of the materials used during their preparation.

Among other features, the width of these shoes is normal and they can be used to go for a walk to the mall, to the park or even to walk.



We know that there are many important factors when choosing a good shoe. That is why we invite you, in addition to looking at the price of the Munich shoes, to also consider the manufacturing materials present in their structure, so that you can verify what lifespan they could offer you even if you use them frequently.

In the case of the Sapporo model, we must mention that its lining is made of textile material, which means a fresh pair of shoes capable of keeping your feet protected, but at the same time free of bad odours.

Likewise, the outer part of each shoe is made of leather and suede, a type of leather that, in addition to providing durability to the product, gives it a beautiful appearance. These materials are usually soft to the touch and stand out for the quality that characterizes them. It is for this reason that we are talking about a model with a slightly high price, but which could provide you with the practicality you need to walk comfortably for a long time.

As for the closure system included in this product, it is by means of laces, which allow you to have control of the fastening to prevent the shoes from slipping off your feet while you are doing any activity.

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