Nike Air Max 97 Reviews

Main advantage:

Its beautiful and attractive design is accompanied by a fine technology, where an air chamber is present in the sole, from tip to tip, so the level of comfort and cushioning that your feet can feel could be excellent.

Main disadvantage:

As the main disadvantage of this model, we can mention the fact that these shoes have a very high price, which could well affect your pocket once you decide to buy them. However, we are talking about a unique and quality product.

Verdict: 9.9/10

If you are looking for an air-cushioned shoe that can provide a good level of comfort, lightness and cushioning, then this could be a good option for you.

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Main Features Explained


The design that the sneakers that most attract your attention can offer you will always be important to take into account, since even aesthetically sometimes it has a history and is inspired by something or reason, as happens with these Nike Air Max 97 sneakers, a model that for some connoisseurs is very important, since it has been marking history for a long time and to this day it is still the favorite of many.

It should be noted that although this pair of shoes has a somewhat high price, they are the favorites of many athletes and artists simply because of the aesthetic design they offer, capable of drawing the attention of anyone for being attractive and innovative.

That being the case, we must mention that part of its structure is inspired by Japanese high-speed trains, this is due to its striking lines that, if you look closely, run through the entire upper until you reach the heel. For its part, the wavy shape present in the central part of the shoes has been shaped with the intention of recreating the effect produced by a drop of water when it falls into the water.

On the other hand, the Nike brand logo could not be missing, present on its sides and on the tongue, right on the upper front part, as well as the strip located on the upper part, where the name of the model can be clearly seen.


If the shoes you are thinking of buying have some type of technology available in their structure, it will always be a good idea for you to take it into account and learn a little more about it, so you can determine how practical they could be for each use you decide to give it.

On this occasion, the Nike brand presents some shoes that, since they were introduced to the market, were among the first to include a complete air chamber, that is, from end to end in the sole.

This technology is capable of giving you the level of cushioning and comfort you need as it is pressurized air injected into a very resistant and flexible capsule, which molds to each step you take. For its part, this technology is based on the aeronautical technique that is usually called rubber blow molding, the same that, more than elasticity, provides flexibility to each shoe while respecting its structure.

Since its invention, this technology has given a lot to talk about, since with each step you take the impacts are properly absorbed, returning the air chamber to its original shape in order to adequately protect each of your joints.

During the composition of the shoes, in order to ensure that the gas cannot escape from the capsules, the Nike brand has used dense gases that cannot pass through the polyurethane that covers them. This is how the air chamber is always kept inflated and in excellent condition despite the passage of time.



In the case of what could be the best Nike shoes, you could not ignore the fact of looking at each of the materials that have been used during its manufacture. In this way, you could determine if it really is a model capable of surprising you and giving you a long lifespan.

As we already know, the Nike brand has always been characterized by being committed to achieving good final finishes in the structure of the shoes and this is no exception, because the Air MAX 97 model has a lot to offer, starting with its very comfortable interior. and soft, made so that you can walk long distances without feeling any discomfort.

This is due to the compounds included during its manufacture where the synthetic material stands out both on the outside and on its lining and, of course, on the sole. According to the opinions of some users, this detail even gives this model a great advantage, which has to do with weight, since it means lightness at all times, that is, you could enjoy good performance with each use.

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