Nike Air Max Invigor Reviews

Main advantage:  

They are black shoes and made with a variety of materials that make them resistant and durable. They also have adequate technology to provide you with first-class cushioning.


Main disadvantage:

As a main disadvantage we must mention that the soles of this model are usually a bit rigid. However, over time and depending on how you use the shoes, the soles will become more comfortable.

Verdict: 9.6/10

If you are looking for comfortable, light, beautiful and breathable Nike shoes, then do not hesitate to look at the Air MAX Invigor model, since it has all these points in its favour.

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Main Features Explained



The extra convenience and comfort that a pair of shoes can offer you will depend on many details present in its structure, such as the design that it can offer you, it is for this reason that we invite you to take this detail into account before making a choice.

That being the case, it is important that you know that these Nike sneakers have been manufactured for use by men and have a very nice design that is also present in different colors such as black, white, lead and blue so that you have the possibility to choose among all the one of your preference and that you can easily combine with your sportswear and daily clothes.

For its part, regardless of the color you decide to acquire, the sole of the shoes will always be white, which makes them look more attractive and striking in the eyes of anyone.

As for its sides, you will find the brand’s logo on each of them, while on the tongue of each shoe you can see the name “Nike” as well as on the back. Each of these details are essential when it comes to verifying that the model you are purchasing is totally original and not an imitation.


According to the opinions of many users and experts, the manufacturing materials that are present in a pair of shoes will define in a certain way the durability time that they can provide to a person. That is why it is recommended to take this detail into account before making a final choice.

It should be noted that the Air MAX Invigor model has a lot to offer in terms of quality and resistance, since its exterior is made of breathable mesh of synthetic fibers, this means that you can always keep your feet dry, fresh and free of bad odours. You will also find reinforcements in Leather, a synthetic compound that maintains an appearance similar to that of leather and is characterized by being resistant, as well as flexible for greater comfort.

Also, the interior of these shoes has a lining in synthetic fabric that is very soft to the touch and that at the same time offers you a level of perspiration equal to that which is present on the outside. This means that even when you wear these shoes you might feel like you’re not wearing anything.

Finally, we must mention that a robust material has been used for the sole and that makes each one of them an element of these wear-resistant shoes even when you use them constantly.

Air Max technology

This time it could be the best Nike shoes for having a technology that has impacted many due to the level of comfort it offers with each step. That’s right, we’re talking about the air chamber found in the heel area of ​​each shoe.

Quite apart from the price that this model may have, it is necessary that you look at more important details that have to do with the comfort and convenience that you can feel while running or walking.

For example, the Air Max technology characterized by being an air chamber found in the midsole and is responsible for providing you with the best shock absorption. Here the weight of the person who uses these shoes also plays a fundamental role, since the air chamber would help considerably to avoid discomfort in the feet of those who usually have a high weight.

It should be noted that this technology is resistant and durable, therefore, you should not worry about the fact that the inner tube is easily punctured, since inside it there are dense gases that will provide you with the level of quality you need at all times..

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