Nike Air Versatile III Reviews

Main advantage:

These shoes could increase your performance on the court because the midfoot has a cushion that stabilizes foot strikes in different directions or in zigzag. At the same time, the Air-Sole unit offers shock absorption for big jumps.

Main disadvantage:

Apparently the last is a bit reduced, so it could be uncomfortable for those athletes who have wide feet. However, it would not hurt to try on the shoes in a physical store before making the purchase online. 

Verdict: 9.8/10

The design of these shoes provides ergonomics, cushioning and good flexibility to the foot, to make different movements with safety and comfort. 

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Main Features Explained


Nike Air basketball shoes have revolutionized the sport since the 1980s, when the brand hired Nasa inventor Frank Rudy to develop cushioning systems for the shoes. From his research, the air chamber inside the shoes emerged, which quickly became popular among athletes.

Since then, the evolution of this shoe has continued, presenting numerous versions adapted to new trends and user demands. 

Consequently, the Nike Air Versitile III model has been designed for men who practice this sport regardless of the style played, as performance is optimized thanks to the ergonomic format of these shoes that are a fusion of half-boots with classic sneakers. 

For this reason, the comfort of the foot in each movement is shielded so that there is no limitation when making the most risky jumps and successfully scoring the ball. 

It is precisely this adaptation of the shoes to the natural flexion of the foot that is the secret of its success, as users feel comfort and safety with each step or jump they take. Clearly, all these aspects are favored by the design of fit, protection and the materials with which these shoes have been made.

Fit and protection

To keep the foot inside the Nike Air Versitile III shoes, they have anchor panels in the upper mid-part with conventional laces that properly hold the shoe. 

At the same time, this fit design provides support and control over each of the executed movements. In this case, the Phylon midsole provides a sensation of stability and comfort that users highlight in their opinions.

This midsole was designed to keep the foot in position during lateral movements or zig-zags, thus protecting it against injuries. Likewise, the heel is also protected against the impacts produced by big jumps, since it is the Air-Sole air chamber that softens the fall for efficient cushioning. 

We can affirm that the value for money of this product is very good, since all its benefits in favor of taking care of the foot and offering good performance on the playing field more than compensate for the market value, since we cannot forget how recognized it is It is this brand, precisely because of the quality of its products, which are not entirely cheap. 

Materials and care

Since we know that you want your investment to be good and long-lasting, then we must talk to you about the materials with which this shoe was made, which, for many users, may be the best basketball shoes currently available. 

The upper part of the footwear has a light and breathable fabric that increases comfort when wearing it, prevents sweating and reduces bad foot odours. These internal and external materials are completely synthetic, so their durability and resistance are very positive, as they also have a reinforced toecap that protects the foot and the lining from bumps and scratches. 

Likewise, it is worth mentioning the padding of the tongue and the ankle area that increase comfort throughout the foot, protecting the most sensitive areas from bumps and injuries. 

Regarding the efficient traction of this shoe, we cannot forget that it is thanks to the rubber sole, which has a circular pattern, which facilitates pivoting and quick changes of direction, which are very common in basketball as part of the strategy to guard the ball of the opposing team.

Now, to keep your shoes like the first day, it is important to take care of them properly, and for this reason the manufacturer recommends washing them by hand with cold water, avoiding the use of abrasive detergents or bleaches, rinsing them well and letting them dry in the shade. 

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