Nike Atletico Madrid Reviews

Main advantage:

This Nike tracksuit model is one of the most sought after for children, because it has all the technological advantages of the brand, applied to the textile material, for quick drying and adequate perspiration through Dri-Fit.

Main disadvantage:

It should be remembered that it is a tracksuit model for children, so its sizes, even in the larger versions such as L and XL, are not made for adults.

Verdict: 9.5/10

It is a tracksuit alluding to the Atlético de Madrid team for the 2019/2020 season, which is part of the Strike line, fitted cut, without reducing freedom of movement and with textile technologies. 

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Main Features Explained

Construction and materials

Before making a hasty purchase, it is important to consider the opinions of other users about the quality of the products, since this will be a decisive point when selecting a suitable tracksuit for the demands of use. 

Nike presents this proposal that is part of its Strike line, for which it has been made with high quality and comfort materials, such as breathable elastic knit fabric and polyester, in order to provide freedom of movement in each step that you take. campus. 

Although it has not been designed for matches, it is a piece that can be used for training, since its design is part of the 2019/2020 season of the Spanish club Atlético de Madrid, as one of the official warm-up tracksuits. pregame of this team.

In addition, in this model all the details have been taken care of and its preparation has been done under strict quality controls, with reinforced seams that prevent the fabrics that make up the tracksuit from unraveling at the seams, making it resistant and suitable for use. periodically.


If you are looking for a tracksuit that represents the colors and values ​​of the Spanish football club Atlético de Madrid, then this Nike proposal is the most suitable. It is a model made up of two pieces: the pants and the jacket, both with pockets and zippers. In addition, it has a predominant gray color that is intertwined with red details, which can be seen in the stripe that crosses the jacket, as well as in the lines on the shoulders and pants. 

Likewise, the model incorporates the emblem of the sports club embroidered on both pieces. In the case of the jacket, it is at chest level on the left side and in the case of the pants it is located at the top of the leg, on the right side. To complete the design, the Nike logo is embroidered on the opposite side of the club symbol. 

In addition, this Atlético de Madrid tracksuit is competitively priced, especially when you consider that it has been made to provide comfort. For this reason, within its design, it has an adherent elastic waist, which ensures that the piece stays in place and, for greater comfort, the pants have zippers at the bottom so that they can be removed even with shoes. 

Technology and sizes 

To select among the best tracksuits on the market, the search must not only be focused on design, but also the quality and technologies that the manufacturer has added to the garments. As they are sports pieces, they must meet standards to provide greater comfort and better performance in pre-workout physical activities. 

When analyzing the models, we will find that the Nike Atlético de Madrid offers the necessary freedom of movement, as well as comfort, because, although it is a junior size, it belongs to the Dri-Fit Strike line, which is favorable for the capillarization of the sweat and also provides a feeling of freshness. 

According to its manufacturer, this model has been treated with sports technology applied to textiles, for immediate sweat drying and to maintain perspiration, as well as the regular entry of air into the body, making it suitable for use in any season, whether it’s cold or hot summer days. 

Although it is a model for children, it has sizes L and XL to select the one that best suits the build. Its fit is standard and comfortable, with a disposition towards the fitted cut. 

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