Nike Dri-fit Academy Reviews

Main advantage: 

For the creation of this model, textile and sports technologies have been applied to each of the pieces. Within them, Dri-Fit is responsible for keeping the skin dry because the fabric absorbs sweat and quickly removes moisture. 

Main disadvantage: 

Although it is a comfortable and breathable tracksuit, essential characteristics for sports pieces, it is also true that the fabric can be a bit thin for the winter time.

Verdict: 9.6/10

This model stands out as one of the best of its style because its design is modern, it is available in two dark colors and it provides comfort during use, since it is made of polyester.

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Main Features Explained


To decide on a model among the wide range of tracksuits, simply select the one with the most suitable, comfortable and functional design. For this reason, this option from the sports manufacturer Nike is one of the most popular among the user community, since, according to their opinions, it has a style with a timeless appearance, but with a construction designed especially for training days in areas hot. 

Although it is a model that came onto the market in 2016, its design has not lost its validity. It remains eye-catching in the year 2022 because it is classic in style and available in two colors. Therefore, it is possible to select between black and blue tones combined with white elements or the whole set completely in black. 

In addition, in order to be more useful and comfortable, the tracksuit jacket has zippered pockets on each side of the garment, which are used to store small objects such as money, keys or even a mobile phone. Likewise, in the case of the trousers, it is a tight boot, with a zipper to widen when removing it. Meanwhile, the jacket features a full zip up to the neck. 

Size and fit 

Due to its price, design and fit to the body, this is one of the best-selling tracksuits today because Nike has been in charge of creating a proposal with a modern design and Slim fit cut, so that it adjusts to the shape of the body and It is not baggy, so it is recommended for those who want to show off their toned figure and those who feel more comfortable with tailored clothing. 

However, with this proposal the terms tight and tight should not be confused, since in no case should the pieces be tightened. Therefore, it is available in three sizes to select from XS to XXL the one that best fits the person’s build. 

In addition, the manufacturer provides a table with the dimensions, so that it is possible to have a guide with the approximate measurements that each of the three sizes includes. Thus, the person will be able to dress comfortably and train without any difficulty. 

Also, being a Slim-cut model, it can be used for quick outings and, among its benefits, this Nike tracksuit has elastic cuffs that allow the sleeves to stay in place. Likewise, there will be no discomfort when putting on or taking off the jacket because, despite being tight, it is equipped with a full front zipper, to speed up actions such as putting on or taking off the garment, as well as protecting the body from the cold. 

Clothing and technologies

There are many characteristics that must coincide for a model to be considered one of the best tracksuits on the market and this Nike proposal meets the vast majority of them, so it is not surprising that it is among the best sellers today., because its construction is efficient for better sports performance. 

According to its manufacturer, this tracksuit has been made for speed and to comfortably enjoy all stages of training, whether before, during or after, because it has been made with polyester, a noble textile with favorable properties for sport, in which the brand’s technological developments and innovations have been added, to provide an essential quick-drying piece, capable of absorbing moisture and providing a sensation of freshness, thanks to its Dri-Fit technology. 

Similarly, it has an internal mesh collar, which ensures perspiration and, at the same time, provides greater physical performance, because it makes it easier to focus on exercise and not on heat and fatigue. Its seams are reinforced and, in addition, it includes the embroidered brand logo on both pieces. 

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