Nike Premier II Reviews

Main advantage: 

One of the most remarkable features of these football boots is, without a doubt, the soft leather used to make their upper part. Each boot adapts to the foot correctly, allowing comfortable movement on the field of play. 

Main disadvantage: 

When choosing these boots it is recommended to go one size larger than usual as they might feel slightly smaller than expected if you have wide feet. 

Verdict: 9.9/10 

They are football boots with remarkable characteristics in their design and in the materials that make them up, which achieve comfortable and firm steps in any part of the field. 

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Main Features Explained


No one will doubt that you’re wearing the best football boots when you step out onto the pitch showing off a shoe bearing the logo and name of one of the most recognizable brands in the sport. 

Whether it’s for your training or the new soccer season, Nike brings a design to make you feel agile every time you touch the ball. Its classic look, always fashionable in the world of football, combines the softness of kangaroo leather on the front with seams that maximize the flexibility of the boot. Likewise, the use of black and white colors makes the footwear combine correctly with any type of sportswear.

In addition to that, a folding tongue stands out in the central part, while the practicality of the synthetic coating is present in the heel area to lighten its weight. 


There is no doubt that beyond an attractive design, a comfortable feeling of adjustment to the foot is what should prevail when practicing or playing. Fortunately, your skill as a player and the desire to go out on the field will be well complemented by these boots. 

Premium material used for both the outside and inside achieves a superior fitting shoe. The softness of the kangaroo leather makes the boot snug and adapts very well to the foot, while the light insole offers adequate cushioning.

In fact, the opinions of many players indicate that this comfort is one of its best features. In the same way, its laces allow you to adjust the boots to the size of your foot, but also make it easier to put them on and take them off easily when required.  


Speaking of traction is having the guarantee of a shoe that will conveniently move on the ground and help you control the ball. If your performance as a soccer player regularly takes place on a natural grass field with a hard base, this is one of the most outstanding options. This is because Nike has developed this model for players who want to maneuver safely on a short-grass surface.

With its FG studs, specially designed for firm ground, you will be able to demonstrate all your technical skills with confident steps and stable movements on both dry and slightly wet grass.

On the other hand, if you are looking for the best football boots at a reasonable price, you should know that this model can provide what you need. It is an option that offers uniform and reliable traction achieved by the multiple conical studs positioned at key points on its sole. 

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