Nike Team Hustle D 8 Reviews

Main advantage:

The double closure system combines the traditional laces with a velcro strap, which is very useful since it is a model for children. In this way, the shoes can be kept securely fastened during sports practices or matches. 

Main disadvantage:

The closed instep can affect the breathability of the foot during games. However, this will also depend on the person wearing them and whether they sweat a lot or a little. 

Verdict: 9.9/10

They are ergonomically designed shoes to offer good mobility to children and an efficient fastening system, as well as a non-slip sole to provide greater traction on the court.

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Main Features Explained


Thinking about the generation of little athletes who deserve the best quality to optimize their performance in the game, Nike has been concerned with offering products made with durable, resistant and comfortable materials, and this model of basketball shoes is no exception. 

With a combination of soft fabrics and synthetic materials, these shoes stand out for offering good support, as well as for providing a robust but light structure, so as not to limit the flexibility of the foot. 

For its part, the foam midsole offers softness and favors cushioning to enhance the necessary jumps and achieve scores in this sport. This softness can be felt by the child from the toe to the heel, thus avoiding discomfort in the foot during games. 

As you can see, although it is a model of children’s shoes, Nike maintains the quality of the materials and the construction of the shoe so that it is resistant and comfortable for children. 

Consequently, the little ones will not want to stop playing because they will feel comfort and safety in each jump, since the sole incorporated on the outside is made of rubber, so traction is very efficient. 

All these outstanding elements in the construction of the Nike Team Hustle shoes allow us to think that these may be the best basketball shoes, suitable for your sports child.


Although we already talked about the quality of the materials, another aspect that makes Nike stand out in the sports equipment market is the design of its products. In the case of these basketball shoes for children, the different colors in which you can buy them make it more interesting for little athletes.

From a solid black, bright blue and other combinations of black with red, white or orange, there are several options for your child to choose the one he likes the most. Similarly, it can be said that this design is totally unisex so you can buy them for a girl too. In addition, according to the opinions of the buyers, the shoe size is adequate, so you will not have problems with wrong numbers or returns. 

It is also worth highlighting the ease of placement of this model to promote good support to the foot. Firstly, a traditional lace closure is combined that the child can adjust and secure later with a velcro strap. In addition to them, it also has a pull tab on the heel to help with placement. 

The idea of ​​adding a hook-and-loop strap to the fastening is that the shoe sits well and is not impeded in the middle of the game by loose laces, offering a snug fit and good performance for movement. 


The practice of a sport should not be taken lightly, especially when the beginning athletes are children. In the case of basketball, as in soccer, it is necessary to have the right equipment to avoid injuries in practice and optimize the performance of the player.

In this sense, basketball shoes become the main element of the player’s clothing, as these shoes have features specially designed to allow the player to give their best on the court.

Nike knows this reality thanks to its great experience and constant research in the search for the best footwear for the different sports disciplines, which is why in the Team Hustle D 8 shoes we can observe different benefits.

The anatomical design, first of all, allows the shoes to fit correctly and that they hold the foot well for comfortable movement on the court, also taking into account that the ground is hard and slippery, so the rubber sole offers good traction to take firm steps.  

For its part, the cushioning with this shoe is very efficient, thanks to the foam midsole, so the child will be able to have good flexibility in each jump he makes. 

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