Northwave Enduro Mid Reviews

Main advantage:

One of the best advantages of this product, in addition to its protection in winter, is the quality of its soles. The partnership between Northwave and Michelin helps the shoes have the best quality soles, with great grip and excellent durability.

Main disadvantage:

These MTB shoes are more robust than other models on the market, so they are not the best option if you are looking for a very light product.

Verdict: 9.9/10

The protection and resistance offered by this pair of mountain biking shoes are enough for many to consider the model as the best MTB footwear of the moment.

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Main Features Explained


When detailing the anatomy of a mountain biking shoe, all the parts that make up its structure are quite important. From the toe to the heel, each element used in its manufacture correctly contributes to the safety, comfort and protection provided by the footwear. However, an area that can be considered as the base of all the others is the sole.

Most look at the design or the price, however, paying attention to the sole could be the detail that makes your purchase extraordinary. A good sole is the key to optimal support with every pedal stroke. Northwave, as a brand, has a collaboration with the Michelin company and this is what distinguishes their soles from any other. When you turn the shoe over, you will notice that the Michelin character is there.

This company’s rubber is of the same quality as its tires, for that reason, its X-Fire sole has exceptional grip on the pedal and on the ground, to favor you on the bike and also when walking on mountain routes, not only for the material but because of the different textures of the sole. The cleat slot is strong and durable to give you more hours of riding.


The style offered by these MTB shoes stands out in all the opinions of the buyers, as this model has a modern design that resembles mountain hiking shoes. The black color that serves as the base of the shoes prevents them from getting dirty easily, which is a great advantage considering that mud and dirt are things that are encountered daily on a mountain expedition, especially if you are going at speed on a bicycle, causing mud spatter.

As a complement and to give an amazing contrast, the shoes have metallic blue details both on the rubber on the side of the soles and on the upper area of ​​the shoe. The padded interior is also blue. Being a 2019 model, the manufacturers have taken into account the trends of the moment.

The product comes with a double closure for greater support. The closure closest to the toe box is a small black clasp with two straps to fit the foot at two important points. On the other hand, the upper Velcro closure is a strip located at the beginning of the leg. This strip, next to the tongue of the shoe, will give the cyclist more opportunities for a comfortable fit.


A good MTB cycling shoe, in addition to style and excellent comfort, must offer the athlete good foot protection. Support is part of this security, as it keeps the foot in place inside the shoe and also maintains the sole’s position on the bike’s pedal, but optimal protection must take other aspects into consideration.

The heel counter, for example, is one of these standout features. The heel has an integrated support system to support this part of the foot, while the mid-cut design of the shoe is responsible for protecting and correctly supporting the ankle area, avoiding sprains due to sudden movements that may occur at the time. to pedal. All this is complemented by its toe. This area is made with the technology used in motocross, so it is a resistant and reinforced toe box to protect the toes from any accident, since these are the most sensitive part of the foot.

However, despite all these positive qualities, what really makes this product stand out is that it is considered the best winter MTB shoe, as it is part of the Northwave Winter collection. These provide protection against low temperatures without compromising breathability.

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