Opinions about Adidas Galaxy 4

Main advantage:

These shoes are capable of providing a good level of freshness to your feet as it is a breathable model, thanks to the mesh present in its lining. Likewise, its design is very attractive and has a completely black structure accompanied by a white sole.

Main disadvantage:

This model is only available in black, therefore, you will not have the opportunity to choose the one you prefer among several shades. However, it is an elegant and versatile color.


Verdict: 9.7/10

For those looking for practical, comfortable shoes at a good price, this model could be of interest, since they stand out in the market for being a product capable of offering an appropriate level of comfort for each use.

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Main Features Explained


This time we present what could be the best running shoes for men with a quality structure, capable of allowing the natural movement of the foot, helping you feel comfortable and safe with each step.

It should be noted that this model includes 3 technologies worth mentioning: Cloudfoam, Ortholite and Adiprene+, three components that together make these shoes an ideal option for you if you are looking for comfort at a good price.

In this sense, the midsole present in this model has Cloudfoam, this technology offers appropriate cushioning with each step to avoid fatigue in the sole of the foot.

For its part, the Ortholite insole is made of recycled rubber and polyurethane and has a porous surface that allows your foot to breathe properly, while offering you shoes with a good balance between hardness and flexibility to maintain the foot always stable.

As for the protection of your heels, this model has a material called Adiprene+ that adds a more spongy sensation and adds stability and resistance to the shoes, thus favoring the impulse in each step.

It should be noted that its interior structure is made up of a single piece that significantly improves the experience with each movement you make, providing an even higher level of comfort.


Men’s running shoes are generally equipped with an adequate level of breathability to provide your feet with the comfort you need and this is no exception, as it should be noted that the Adidas Galaxy 4 model has an upper section made up of a perforated mesh that fulfills its purpose 100% allowing the passage of air into the interior of the shoe to keep your feet fresh.

In addition to being a very breathable model, it is equipped with a series of synthetic coatings that provide greater support to each shoe, so that you can enjoy an excellent experience every time you go running and carry out your daily practices..

On the other hand, when we talk about running using these shoes, it is important that you know that they could comfortably accompany you on medium-distance runs without causing any kind of discomfort or affecting their durability.

As for the use of these shoes, you can use them to cover moderately hard terrain without experiencing any kind of discomfort in your feet.


Now let’s talk about the design of these shoes, considering that according to the opinions of many users, this model has a lot to offer aesthetically, since it has good finishes.

As for its structure, this model is available in black and has on each of its sides those three characteristic stripes of the Adidas brand, also in black, a quality that makes it attractive but at the same time discreet and elegant.

Likewise, thanks to their design, these shoes can be used for races, as well as going for a daily walk if you wish. You could even use them when you are not exercising or practicing, since it is a very comfortable product.

If we talk about the closure system that these shoes have, it is given by flat laces, which you can use to adjust each shoe to your feet as much as you want, to prevent them from coming off while you are running.

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