Opinions about Adidas Galaxy 4

Main advantage:

They are Adidas shoes that you can use to practice sports or as casual shoes thanks to their simple and modern design with discreet details, but striking for both young people and adults.

Main disadvantage:

The light gray Galaxy 4s are likely to get dirty easily if you use them outdoors, so you’ll need to wash them more often than the charcoal ones.

Verdict: 9.8/10

These shoes have the advantage of being practical, attractive and durable, so we advise you to take them into account, whether you want a pair to run or to complement your look.

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Main Features Explained


shoe design

If you practice some type of sport and want to buy shoes to practice or simply be more comfortable, one of the most important aspects that you must consider to make the most of your investment is the design of the running shoe model that interests you.

Adidas could be considered as one of the great brands of sports clothing and equipment today and, on this occasion, they have for you a model designed especially for men: the Galaxy 4 sneakers.

This pair offers a youthful, relaxed and casual style so you can use them as regular shoes and thus complement your style with a pair of comfortable sneakers to wear. In addition, it is highlighted that, depending on its availability, you have the Galaxy 4 available in light gray with details in royal blue or charcoal with details in red. So you can choose the model that best matches your style of dress.

On the other hand, without forgetting that it could be the best running shoes, it is worth mentioning that the padded interior offers support to cushion the weight of your body when running. At the same time, its heel is flat to offer better stability.

clothing materials

Some opinions could consider the manufacturing materials of the shoes as one of the most important characteristics to study before deciding which ones to buy. In addition, these will determine the durability and resistance of the shoe, at the same time that they are likely to influence its final price.

In the case of the Galaxy 4 of the Adidas brand, you can enjoy an alternative in sports shoes at an affordable price and with very good manufacturing finishes that, in addition, will be easy to wash thanks to their materials.

The shoes, on the outside, are made of synthetic materials, while a mesh lining will provide adequate ventilation so that your feet remain comfortable and odour-free.

Likewise, both the interior and its lining are also made of synthetic materials, but these have extra padding designed to work as a shock absorber for your steps and thus minimize the impact on your foot to avoid blisters when playing sports.

The sole, for its part, is made of synthetic rubber and has a wide thickness, which increases the useful life of the footwear to be able to withstand intense use, as well as long journeys, being practical for athletes or daily use as you prefer.

Sole and closure

Finally, other aspects that you cannot fail to consider if you are looking for a good option in running shoes are the sole and the closure. The sole because it is the area that will receive the impacts of your footsteps and is the part that tends to wear out most quickly, while the closure must adapt to your comfort and ensure a good fit to the foot.

If you have been interested in the Adidas Galaxy 4 sneakers, you will be happy to know that this model has a reliable sole that will help you step firmly to maintain a better balance at all times. In addition, the sole has a three-dimensional design to provide grip on the ground and on wet terrain, minimizing the risk of falling.

As mentioned, it is made of rubber and has a long durability depending on its use, but, thanks to its thickness, you will be able to enjoy the shoes for a long time even if you use them to practice sports.

For its part, the closure of this Adidas model is given through the use of the typical laces, which are subject to a structure also made of rubber and integrated into the same shoe, so you can adjust the shoes to the size and height of your instep for comfort.

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