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Main advantage:

This model has a structure with a combination of black and green colors. Likewise, a strip of natural rubber covers the upper part of the boots, making them a resistant product against abrasion.


Main disadvantage:

As a main disadvantage, it is important to mention that on surfaces with wet rocks, the traction offered by the Vibram sole may not be the most suitable. But on other types of surfaces it has a good grip. 

Verdict: 9.7/10

If you need mountain boots capable of providing you with a good adjustment system as well as an appropriate level of comfort for each step you take, then the Bestard Trilogy could be your best option.

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Main Features Explained



Before making a choice of the mountain boots that you think are suitable for you, you should consider certain details that will allow you to carry out the use of a correct and appropriate model to perform agilely while doing outdoor sports.

In this sense, not only look at the price of the model that most attracts your attention, but also at the design available in its structure so that you can corroborate what you use it for.

It should be noted that this time the Bestard brand offers you the Trilogy model characterized by belonging to the series of trekking boots designed to provide you with a comfortable and comfortable use in different ascents in the mountains or walks in nature.

They have a very attractive design with black and green color combinations. It also has Vibram brand soles, while the midsole has microporous Eva rubber for greater comfort and shock absorption.

Likewise, on the front part of the boots you will find an appropriate natural rubber strip to enjoy the protection you need for your feet against possible impacts that you may experience while walking. This itself, in a certain way, helps to isolate the cold as well as the humidity and, more importantly, offers you quality protection against abrasion.


If you want to buy the best mountain boots, first check that the model you are about to choose is made with quality materials and that they manage to offer a long useful life even when you give them prolonged use.

It should be noted that the Trilogy boots are also versatile and special for Trekking as they have special materials in their structure such as Superfabric, a high performance compound. Likewise, it is a water-repellent product that contains small pieces of ceramic, which make it resistant to abrasion from different types of elements that you could well find along the way.

We cannot ignore the fact that these boots have the famous Gore-Tex technology, an adequate membrane so that you can enjoy a totally waterproof and breathable model, so that the water present on the outside cannot enter the interior of the boots, but these in turn will be able to provide you with an adequate level of freshness so that your feet do not sweat or generate bad odors.

Regarding the insoles of these boots, according to the opinions of many users, they are anatomical and high-density, as they are made of quality materials. In this sense, we should conclude that they are flexible and provide an adequate balance between comfort, ergonomics and rigidity.


In addition to a good design and a good construction, the Trilogy boots sponsored by the Bestard brand have an efficient fastening system, so that your feet can remain firm inside them.

It should be noted that the tying method that this model presents has a brake system called Quick Lock, special to block the cord so that you can regulate the tying of the rod as you prefer.

This system is usually very useful for you to tie the laces as tight as you want, so that you can take even the most complicated steps without being bothered by the boots, especially when on rocky terrain. Also, the loosening of the rods during easy routes could be carried out easily and in a matter of seconds. 

Among other details regarding the type of adjustment that this model offers you, there are also the modular tongues inside, which allow you to specify an adequate adaptation of each foot once you put on the boots. And as if that were not enough, the rear straps present in this product will make it easier for you to put on your boots or even transport them comfortably anchored in the backpack or in a harness carabiner.

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