Opinions about BKOOL Pro 2

Main advantage:

This roller stands out among many for the fact that it is an easy and quick model to assemble, therefore, when you receive it at home it will take a few minutes of your time to carry out its assembly and installation to put it into operation. In addition, we are talking about a silent and high-quality product.

Main disadvantage:

A CD is missing with some explanatory video regarding the use of the trainer at home, its different functions and how its use could be used to the maximum before each pedal stroke.

Verdict: 9.8/10

If you need a stable bike trainer with a good design and an appropriate level of functionality, this model could be for you, as it has a variety of details that could easily meet your needs at home.

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Main Features Explained 


Bicycle rollers are a product that allows you to continue training at home, which is why many athletes or bicycle enthusiasts look among the many options available on the market for one that is capable of offering comfort, functionality, practicality and, of course,, quality.

It should be noted that the Pro 2 model sponsored by the BKOOL brand has a design for you that is considered safe as it remains stable with each use. In this sense, we speak of a solid structure that is designed, in large part, to protect the entire transmission and braking system of the bicycle.

For its part, it is equipped with ventilation grilles located on the sides that, before each use, will allow the roller to work very quietly to avoid inconveniences or discomfort to the user, that is, we are talking about a very low noise of 68 dB going at 30 kilometers per hour.

Likewise, this product is available in a beautiful combination of shades that also make it very striking, being the same black and fluorine yellow. As for its size, the dimensions of this device are 61 centimeters long, 41.2 centimeters high and 81 centimeters wide, with arms extended, since they could even be reduced to a total of 57 centimeters, precisely to store it comfortably. As far as its weight is concerned, it is almost 12 kilos, a characteristic that makes this product robust, but at the same time easy to transport.

Assembly and installation

According to the opinions of many users, the practicality of a bicycle roller will depend largely on the type of assembly and installation that must be carried out in order to put it into operation. Thus, you should not overlook this feature when choosing a model to meet your needs.

The Model Pro 2 of the BKOOL brand stands out among many trainers for the ease involved in carrying out its assembly, which can be done in a matter of a few minutes. In this way, as a cyclist you could start pedaling on the trainer quickly.

For this assembly, the roller is supplied in two parts in the box, in addition to the pencil or USB device, the support for the front wheel, the power cable, an adapter and a quick release, so that you can easily place the bicycle wheel..

Finding the roller divided only into two parts, as we mentioned before, it is important to take into account that these sections are already fully assembled, so it is only necessary to attach them using special tabs for such an action and that’s it; which reduces the time you are going to invest in the start-up process.

As for the installation, once the trainer is assembled, all you have to do is pair it with the BKOOL Indoor simulator, a process that is also easy to carry out, since you only have to download the corresponding simulator and then pair the devices with your computer taking into account that said pairing will be possible through the ANT+ and Bluetooth system.


In addition to talking about the design of this roller and the assembly it needs to be able to function, it is also important that we name the most relevant details about the functionality it has to offer. Well, in this way you could confirm if it is the model you are looking for to use at home.

This could be considered the best bicycle trainer not only for the ease of assembly but also for the functionality it has to offer, since we are talking about a product with intelligent resistance control, in which you can automatically adjust the level of resistance that you prefer depending on the profile that the route has. In this way, you could enjoy a great simulation before each pedaling at home.

For its part, this roller has a magnetic type braking system, which will allow you to enjoy a much quieter model compared to some others available on the market, and as if that were not enough, it is compatible with any wheel size between the 20 and 29 inches.

Among other details, this model, in addition to having a considerably cheap price, supports a total power of 1200 watts, which makes it a convenient trainer so you can enjoy quality training. In addition, the simulator it uses has updates that make it one of the most complete applications on the market.

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