Opinions about Black Diamond Distance Z

Main advantage:

The folding mechanism of these canes, coupled with the variety of sizes and light weight, makes it easy to store them faster without taking up a lot of space and take them anywhere with total comfort.

Main disadvantage: 

Some accessories included in this pair of canes may not have the quality expected. In addition, a cover is missing to transport them and keep them protected.

Verdict: 9.8/10

These are trekking poles made of aluminum, for the practice of trail running, whose dimensions and light weight make them comfortable and easy to handle, which is why they are considered the right complement to accompany this type of route.

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Main Features Explained

Weight and size

Among the multiple qualities that the pair of Black Diamond Distance Z poles brings together and that consolidate the model as the best trekking pole, its size and weight stand out. Despite being made of strong and resistant aluminium, they are lightweight poles and can be carried and used comfortably, as each one weighs just under 200g. 

This is a favorable advantage for those who practice trekking, hiking, trail running or any other mountain modality, since using light and practical poles to travel along long routes, between different terrain surfaces and in inclement weather, compensates in part. physical exhaustion, since it is not required to make a greater effort to be able to load them. 

Similarly, its size is appropriate for most users, young people and adults, both men and women, since the model is available in various sizes, so it is possible to choose between 4 different sizes, according to the height of person. 

The shortest model is 1 m, but there are also 1.10 m and 1.20 m, while the longest reaches a length of 1.30 m. When these sports implements are folded, their size is reduced to approximately 40 cm, so they can be easily stored. 


According to the opinions of users who have shared their experience regarding the use of the Black Diamond Distance Z trekking poles, another advantage that makes these a favorable alternative is its folding and portable mechanism that makes it easy to manipulate, store and transport them with ease. safety and speed.

These poles have been designed to fold and close securely and easily in three segments, to be used in a smaller size according to the type of displacement and the surface. To do this, each of its parts has reinforced joints that fit together and secure the position.

Similarly, its folding mechanism incorporates the innovative Slidelock technology, an easy-to-use internal locking system that is responsible for closing the cane and preventing it from opening. 

This folding mechanism allows the cane to be handled with greater agility and speed, making it suitable for moving over different terrain conditions, which require adjusting the length of the cane with some frequency, since, despite the fact that the model has a security system, it can be opened easily.

In addition, this system makes it easy to store the cane even in small spaces, adapt it to the most appropriate size and transport it folded whenever necessary, with confidence and comfort.


The Black Diamond Distance Z trekking poles incorporate other components that optimize their performance by providing greater utility. However, this does not influence their price, as they remain an affordable alternative for most. 

These trekking poles include interchangeable tips made of carbide and rubber, which favor an optimal grip and provide stability and confidence to step on any area because, thanks to their hardness and resistance, they have the ability to penetrate terrain with different types of surface.. 

However, this material tends to wear out by being in constant contact with rocky soils. Therefore, these parts are interchangeable and can be easily removed, to be replaced with a new pair when necessary. 

In addition, like the vast majority of trekking poles, these have a pair of velcro straps that allow them to be held to prevent loss, while facilitating the grip through the wrists. 

Likewise, the upper end of each cane has grips covered with non-slip foam, which ergonomically adapts to the shape of the hands to rest on them and maintain stability.

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