Opinions about Campingaz Camp Bistro 2

Main advantage:

This stove is small in size with compact dimensions, making it easy to take on a camping trip. In addition, it includes a black briefcase with a handle, in which it is possible to store it to facilitate its transfer.

Main disadvantage:

Although it has a high-end operation, with uniform distribution of fire, this model does not incorporate any gas cartridge, which requires that additional money be invested. 

Verdict: 9.8/10

This model is recognized for its cost, practical design, as well as for its technical specifications in relation to its power and regulation, which is why it is considered the best price-quality stove. 

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Main Features Explained

Construction and portability

Stoves are kitchen equipment that can be used both at home and for weekend outings, since they tend to have more compact dimensions than regular kitchen models, while their weight is light.

In fact, the opinions of the users indicate that the stoves must be portable to increase their efficiency and diversify their use. For this reason, the Campingaz Camp Bistro 2 alternative is recognized among the best of its kind, since it has compact measurements of 33 cm by 28 cm by 9 cm and a light weight of only 1.43 kilos. It incorporates a black plastic case for transport, where it is possible to store the stove to ensure its portability, facilitate its transport and protect its structure. 

On the other hand, although it is light, this model is not flimsy. On the contrary, it is made of resistant materials that give it a high level of robustness, making it suitable for use outdoors. Similarly, according to the considerations of its manufacturer, the useful life of this stove is long, because it has been built with a plastic composition, as well as with metal parts. Therefore, it is resistant and convenient for small spaces, as well as suitable for use at the beach, field or camping.

power and handling 

Also known as portable stoves, stoves are efficient equipment that facilitate the cooking of food in unusual situations, since they are recommended as an outdoor cooking mechanism, that is, for camping or on the beach. 

Currently, there are many models and each one has a price that varies according to the power and operation with which it has been equipped. In the case of the Campingaz Camp Bistro 2, it has been equipped by its manufacturer with a power of 2200 watts, with a piezoelectric ignition, making it easy to handle and quick to use, even for people who are not familiar with it. type of objects. 

In addition, with this model it is possible to regulate the intensity of the flame, according to the requirements of the dish being cooked. It is only necessary to use the rotary dial that the stove incorporates in the front part of its structure. Although it has a single burner, it works in a practical and efficient way, offering the possibility of cooking at high speed, so it could be useful for boiling large amounts of water in a matter of minutes. According to estimates from its manufacturer, the time to reach the boil is 5 minutes and 30 seconds.

Safety and consumption

Although there is a wide variety of models available when making a purchase, the Campingaz Camp Bistro 2 proposal is positioned among the best stoves on the market. This is because its operation is optimized and safe.

This equipment works with a CP 250 gas cartridge, which is incorporated into the stove in a simple and discreet way, in a compartment that has been designed to house it. In fact, the kitchen can be switched off even if the cartridge is not empty. According to the manufacturer, this capsule provides favorable operation, for a range of about 90 minutes. In addition, the gas consumption of this burner is about 160 g/h.

On the burner, you can place all kinds of cooking utensils, with dimensions between 12 and 26 cm. Unlike other options, the use of this stove is safe, since the CP250 fuel source is easy to install and can be found easily, because its distribution network makes it possible for these cartridges to be present in more than 50 countries around the world. of the world.

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