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Main advantage: 

These boots are available in two different color tones, green and brown being the same. They also have Gore-Tex technology so you can always keep your feet fresh. For its part, the support system they present will allow you to take firm and comfortable steps all the way.


Main disadvantage:

While you are wearing these boots you should be careful when stepping on wet surfaces, as you could easily slip. In this sense, make sure you take firm steps to avoid inconveniences.

Verdict: 9.8/10

If you are looking for special boots to use during any time of the year, then you could look at this model that is characterized by offering you comfortable and adequate use at all times.

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Main Features Explained

design and use

Mountain boots are always an element of great importance, which should never be missing from your belongings if you enjoy going for a walk and admiring the beauty of nature, while doing sports or outdoor activities.

In this sense, according to the opinions of many users, the design that the model that most attracts your attention may have should be comfortable and adequate so that you can enjoy a good experience with each use.

Thus, the Chiruca brand has for you a pair of boots available at a good price, in different sizes and two colors, these being green and brown, so you can choose the one you like best. Likewise, it is a product that according to its manufacturers has an expert level qualification.

As for the use that you could give these boots, let us tell you that they are special for hunting, hiking at any time of the year or even trekking, they are also ideal for days in the mountains, since they are light, resistant and quality, capable of providing you with the comfort you need with every step you take.


If you want to acquire the best mountain boots available on the market, you should not only consider the design of the model that you like the most, but also the manufacturing material available in its structure so that you can verify how resistant and of quality it could be..

It is for this reason that we decided to provide you with detailed information about the Chiruca Pointer hiking boots so that you can deduce if it is really what you are looking for to satisfy your needs.

It should be noted that these boots have been manufactured in Spain and are made of robust materials, to achieve a considerably long useful life. Among the most important we can mention the presence of hydrophobic skin cuts in its structure. This material has received a special treatment just on the outside to achieve that velvety finish that so many users like, in addition to providing waterproof characteristics.

Likewise, the soles of the boots are made of highly resistant rubber and are capable of offering you an unconditional grip on rocky, sandy and muddy terrain, as well as first-class stability and flexibility, so that you can carry out any type of movement comfortably.

Quite apart, this product is capable of adapting to the different temperature changes that you could be exposed to while doing outdoor activities, so we are talking about a very practical and versatile product.

Gore-Tex technology

These mountain boots, in addition to having a low cost, compared to other models, are equipped with the best technology, this being Gore-Tex, characterized by being a membrane that protects your feet from water. This coating is on the outside at the same time that it allows them to breathe comfortably to avoid bad odors. Undoubtedly, this characteristic makes the product ideal for use in humid conditions.

On the other hand, the boots have hooks that will make you enjoy adequate support. These same ones are an important factor in the structure of this model, since the position of your feet will always be the one indicated for you to step firmly on any type of surface. Also, these hooks are accompanied by a lace closure so you can make the adjustment you need.

Among other details, the insole of these boots are made of polyester material and are duly perforated so that you can enjoy excellent cushioning, therefore, they are recommended for continuous use.

The boots do not have front seams, so you will have at your disposal a cut that will give you a good finish, so that you can feel comfortable while using them, either when practicing your favorite sports or during your participation in outdoor activities..

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