Opinions about Coleman Coastline 4 Deluxe

Main advantage: 

The greatest attribute that this tent has is its tunnel structure, because thanks to this it is possible for adults to stand up inside it without any problem.

Main disadvantage:

More internal pockets could be added to help organize small items and prevent misplacement. However, it is an aspect that may not be so relevant.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This model combines smart design with adequate space for the family that loves camping. For this and many other reasons, the Coleman Coastline 4 Deluxe could be a good option.

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Main Features Explained


Completely removed from the idea of ​​discomfort that more than one may come to mind when thinking about tents, the Coleman Coastline 4 Deluxe has the appeal of home outside of it, as its tunnel-shaped structure achieves a comfortable and cozy effect.

In this sense, the breadth of the cabin will not go unnoticed by any of the people who may live inside it, since this model has been designed to house a total of 4 occupants, the same ones who will be able to stand up inside it even when It is about adults of great stature, since this model has a ceiling of two meters at its highest point, while the length is 4.20 centimeters  

Whether it is a family trip or an outdoor adventure with good friends, various user opinions agree that this Coleman model is one of the most attractive options. Especially when it comes to thinking of an outdoor shelter, since it has enough space to enjoy comfort. For this and many other reasons, this model could be considered one of the best tents available on the market.


Not only is it enough to highlight the spaciousness of the Coleman Coastline tent, but also the intelligent distribution of the available space, which provides unique comfort for those who decide on it.

In this sense, the most outstanding feature is the internal division that you can make use of, which will help you divide the living area into 2, either to form two rooms or to leave a common area, which could function as a living room. of being inside the store, where the occupants can gather during the meal time or just to have a good time.

The wise decision to divide both areas makes it possible to clearly define the rooms with the greatest privacy, ensuring greater peace of mind for the occupants of this tent. In addition, its two entrances, each located at one end of the tent, allow magnificent air flow and natural light to enter. In this way, the experience of camping and being in contact with nature could be the best every time you decide to travel and use this product. 

Likewise, the attractive Coleman Coastline model, a globally recognized brand, has interior pockets perfect for storing all kinds of utensils such as flashlights, keys, cutlery or even a cell phone and other accessories, all of which are essential for fully camping., being so, you could be fully prepared for any situation having everything at hand.


No one wants to wake up in the middle of the night to find their tent collapsed because it couldn’t handle the outdoor conditions. Luckily, the Coleman Coastline is more than ready to take on any environment and location.

Its structure is made up of fiberglass poles, which provide resistance to strong winds and even storms. However, this structure is perceived as light and flexible for those who are dedicated to the task of setting it up for camping. 

In this same order of ideas, it should be noted that mounting and dismounting the Coastline is a task that is carried out in a few minutes, since its own manufacturers comment that this procedure could be easier than you imagine. Thus, when setting up the tent you will only have to follow the steps described in the instruction manual and that’s it. This is considered a real success on the part of the brand that the factory, the same one that markets it at an otherwise reasonable price.

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