Opinions about Compex FIT 1.0

Main advantage:

It has a robust and classic design, easy to use, that allows you to complement your exercise routine without leaving home. In addition, it favors physiotherapy treatment in specific areas such as the knees, neck and back, thanks to the anti-pain and recovery programs. 

Main disadvantage:

The device does not have a clip to secure it to a belt or pants for use during walking or physical activity. So you have to be careful when putting it in a pocket or carrying it in your hand during the tour.

Verdict: 9.8/10

With this electrostimulator you can tone your abs without much effort, while its intuitive design favors the user experience. 

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Main Features Explained


The electrostimulators have a compact size, easy to carry and store anywhere. This advantage makes them an ally for your exercise routines, without the need to have large training equipment at home. 

This is what the Compex FIT 1.0 offers, a device that fits in the palm of your hand and that you can use once or several times a week, as part of your fitness session to increase the intensity of muscle contraction. In this way, you can lose fat and tone muscles if you use the electrostimulator during exercise. 

The design of this device incorporates a set of 4 Snap cables and 4 snap electrodes of 5 x 10 cm and eight electrodes of the same style, but 5 x 5 cm, which you can strategically place on the arms, thighs, abdomen, buttocks and quadriceps. to strengthen all the muscles. 

To observe the data and functions to choose from, the Compex FIT 1.0 comes with an easy-to-read monochrome screen, as well as an on/off button and the other buttons to choose the intensity level of electrostimulation. 

All this, according to the opinions of the users, improves the experience of using this device, since the interface is intuitive and the results can be seen in a short time if a healthy diet is maintained, complemented by regular physical activity.


An outstanding aspect of this model is that it incorporates different functions to adapt the intensity of electrostimulation to the needs of the user. First of all, we should mention that you can choose one of the three function programs: Anti-pain, Recovery-Massage and Fitness. 

Secondly, each stimulation program has several levels of intensity, ideal for progressive work. In other words, for people who are new to electrostimulation, it is convenient to use the lowest levels of intensity, so that the muscles have their adaptation time and overcompensation occurs, that is, the visible results that everyone wants to obtain when they seek the best electrostimulator and compare the price of the different models. 

With the correct use of this equipment, according to the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer, you can take care of your joints during muscle stimulation. Also, you should know that this method is not invasive and does not cause side effects, so its use is also recommended in the treatment of pain relief and physiotherapy sessions. 

And if you don’t know which parts of the body you can place the electrodes on, Compex has a diagram on its website that clearly shows, with color graphics, the strategic places where the electrodes should be fixed, according to the chosen electrostimulation program.. 

battery and power

Regarding the autonomy of this device, the lithium battery offers up to 4 hours and 30 minutes of use, a time that, distributed efficiently between fitness, muscle recovery or anti-pain sessions, provides several weeks of operation. 

And when the battery runs out, you can connect the device to the electrical outlet with the included charger. As for the power, it is 120mA and 150Hz that determine the efficiency of this device, with which your physical performance will improve considerably, because according to scientific studies carried out by the Compex team, using this electro-stimulator for 20 minutes is equivalent to performing 160 squats or 300 sit-ups, without the physical exhaustion and emotional exhaustion that this implies. 

Also, taking advantage of the higher levels of electrostimulation offered by this device can offer your muscles the same intensity as a strenuous CrossFit exercise. 

For this reason, many triathlon, crossfit, athletics athletes, among other physical disciplines, are benefiting from all the advantages offered by the condensed electrostimulation technology in the Compex FIT 1.0.

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