Opinions about Fitbit Ionic

Main advantage: 

The watch’s touch-enabled LCD screen has caught the attention of buyers, who praise the device’s spacious surface, which promotes quick readout of data.

Main disadvantage: 

A bug that has been identified in the equipment is the fact that once submerged, the GPS function stops working. 

Verdict: 9.8/10

This watch has its own operating system that allows it to be synchronized with different mobile devices through the brand’s app through Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

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Main Features Explained

Screen and control

In a sports watch, the screen is a fundamental aspect, since through it we can control the operation of the device. In the same way, it will allow us to monitor the scheduled programming and, depending on the incorporated technology, we will be able to monitor our performance in real time. Therefore, it is important that its surface is spacious and offers a quick reading at all times. In addition, it must be made of a resistant material that preferably has some type of treatment that protects it from scratches. Thus, the useful life of this area of ​​the watch will be enhanced, in the event of an unexpected impact. 

In addition, we cannot fail to mention the need for protection against splashes or submersion, which allows us to expose the device to the elements or use it with confidence in swimming practices.

In the specific case of the Fitbit Ionic model, we have that it has been provided with an LCD screen with touch technology whose format is 1.42 inches. It is a suitable measure so that you can move your finger over it when marking the different operating options. Plus, with its 348 x 250 pixel resolution, large digits, and automated brightness control, you’ll always get a good view even in the hot sun.

Regarding the type of glass used by Fitbit for this Ionic sports watch, the implementation of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 type glass with anti-splash treatment stands out. This is a material that is characterized by offering a high level of resistance to impacts and scratches that may arise in the development of different sports practices.

Finally, it is necessary to mention the control buttons strategically incorporated on the sides of the screen, so that you can carry out a faster navigation of the operating options projected on the screen.

Operating system and connectivity

The operating system and the connectivity methods of the purchased device are usually aspects that determine part of the proper functioning offered by the watch, because its interactivity with other devices will depend on it. This is of great importance to store the history of our training and have a record to contrast our daily evolution.

A peculiarity of this model is the incorporation of its own operating system called Fitbit OS, whose compatibility is suitable for Mac OS X 10.6 or any other later version. In the same way, you will be able to synchronize them with iPhone 4s, Android 5.0, Ipad 3 and Windows 10. All this is possible through the free app developed by the brand, so that users can control the different functions directly from their Smartphone or Tablet. offered by this watch.

It is important to mention that said Fitbit OS operating system allows interaction with other platforms such as Strava, which is one of the favorites of users, according to the opinions registered on the web. In addition, this device manages to innovate with the incorporation of an NFC-type chip, arranged so that, through its official platform, you can carry out some payments affiliated with Banco Santander and/or Carrefour Pass.

On the other hand, there is the issue of connectivity. In this sense, Fitbit Ionic has a wireless connection via bluetooth, so you can quickly link the watch to your Smartphone. Likewise, you can connect a pair of headphones with the same technology so that you can practice sports to the rhythm of your favorite tunes. Also, you will enjoy a connection via WiFi.

Whatever the case, you have the option to automatically sync the device with the respective app or perform the process manually, at your convenience.

Power supply and autonomy

Among the aspects to consider in sports watches is the means of energy supply required for the start-up of its operation, as well as the autonomy time offered. It is these characteristics of great importance that will help us determine which is the best sports watch, according to our needs for use.

Let us remember that when acquiring this type of sports equipment our main objective is to improve our performance in each of the training sessions, since we will be able to know important data about our heart rate, steps taken, travel time, etc. In this sense, the least we want is that such monitoring is interrupted unexpectedly due to battery depletion. On the other hand, there is the issue of additional costs as a result of buying replacement batteries every time you go out on a tour.

For example, Fitbit Ionic is a highly positioned sports watch due to its multiple qualities and competitive price. For the start-up of this device, the manufacturer had a lithium ion battery, integrated into the metal box. It is a widely used energy accumulator in this type of equipment, since it generally provides a long useful life. Thus, you will not have to worry about constantly changing it. 

However, you will need to pay attention to the autonomy time offered, since when it runs out you will have to provide energy to the battery to recharge it again. This is a simple task for which you will need to connect the built-in USB cable and link it to your computer, as well as attach an adapter to connect directly to an AC outlet.

It is important to mention that, once the battery is recharged, you can enjoy a maximum of four days of autonomy. Of course, for this you must use the basic functions dictated by the motion detection sensors. However, when you turn on the GPS, the aforementioned time range decreases to only 10 hours.

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