Opinions about Garmin Instinct

Main advantage:

It is a watch-type GPS model with a design based on military models, so it is resistant to dirt, water, heat and scratches so that it is capable of supporting all users in outdoor activities.

Main disadvantage:

This device has a monochrome screen, being able to choose between white background and black characters or vice versa, which some users might not like.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is a GPS mountain watch that includes connectivity and functionality, with multiple control applications for outdoor activities.

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Main Features Explained



The Garmin brand has integrated design, resistance and autonomy in GPS mountain watches, which vary in terms of price and style, to adapt to the activities and particular tastes of each user.

The Garmin Instinct design was conceived from military models. That is why its case and screen resist dirt, water, heat and scratches, so that it is capable of supporting you on the journey. Likewise, its monochrome screen with transflective technology will allow full reading, even if you are exposed to intense sunlight.

Its autonomy is given through an internal rechargeable lithium battery, which provides up to 14 days in smart mode, 40 hours in ultra trac mode and 16 hours in GPS mode, so you can choose the most convenient option according to your current activity.

On the other hand, this watch stands out for being light, since it only weighs 52 grams, so you can wear it and feel comfortable, no matter if you are in the mountains or in the city. Likewise, within the design concept are its soft silicone straps, which allow the skin to perspire without inconvenience and can be comfortably adjusted. In addition, there is a wide variety of colors available for you to easily interchange them if you wish.


When carrying out activities abroad, it is important to feel safe and have what we may need at hand. Hence the creation of these watches that have multi-connection and linkage to services that make our lives easier.

According to the opinions of various users, this watch stands out for its fast connection, which, added to the rest of its features, makes it one of the best mountain GPS. It has connection to three satellite systems GPS, Galileo and GLONASS, for greater support and monitoring of your outdoor activities.

Likewise, you can download maps to the device and add an itinerary through the route tracker, in case you want to repeat the route or share it with other people. Also, it is possible to share in real time where you are going on the route, which allows you to track what was planned.

Additionally, it allows you to link it to a compatible mobile to receive messages, emails and notifications so that you can continue connected wherever you are. If you have an inReach device with an active satellite subscription, you can pair them and have satellite communication. Likewise, you can connect it with Asto or Alpha dog devices to be aware of the status of your pet.



Technology every day provides greater benefits to society in general. Today these GPS devices in clock presentation bring so many features that most users do not get to use them all, but those that do take advantage of offer them a better quality of life.

This mountain GPS has a compass, barometric altimeter and thermometer so you know which direction you are heading, be aware of any changes in the weather and also for a quick location with greater precision. It also has a Tracback function, which is useful if you want to return to the starting point of the route you are doing.

Thanks to the optical sensors integrated in the device, heart rate and stress can be measured, so you can monitor data associated with health and performance.

On the other hand, it has a number of sports applications such as mountain biking, swimming, hiking and other outdoor activities. These are useful for keeping track of training sessions and sessions, being able to measure performance according to the variety of data available in each one.

Finally, it is a clock that is intuitive to use, configurable according to the user’s taste, being able to customize each activity and data screen, the fields and their place on the screen.

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