Opinions about Garmin VivoSmart 4

Main advantage:

This small smart watch, in addition to counting steps, reads the saturation of oxygen in the blood known as spO2, a task that it performs through a practical sensor.

Main disadvantage: 

The integrated GPS is missing to be able to carry out sports or excursions in mountains or places that you have not visited before. However, it performs very well with other functions, for example, step counting and heart rate reading.

Verdict: 9.7/10

This could be the best pedometer for swimming, because it allows a dive of up to 50 meters underwater. Therefore, you can also use it outdoors without problems, even if it rains unexpectedly.

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Main Features Explained

efficient monitoring

If you like multifunction pedometers, this could be the right model for you, since it not only has a sensor to count each step you take during the day, but it also has the function of reading your heart rate. In this way, you will take better care of your health, monitoring it at all times.

The heart rate sensor will help you in any physical activity you do, since the heart tends to flutter from time to time during your work or sports day. Remember that the heart is like a normal muscle, so it can get stronger, thus progressing in strength training and cardio. That is, with this smart watch you can constantly monitor your heart rate per minute. The following weeks you can get different results, it’s just a matter of comparing the daily results and trying hard enough to improve.

Another thing that this watch monitors is the saturation of oxygen in the blood, so that you can check the functioning of your lungs every day, a very important quality for any person. As a curious fact, some doctors recommend this type of pulse oximeter if you have a serious virus that affects the lungs.

We also mention that the watch allows you to monitor your sleep, to know if you are resting correctly every day; detects deep and light sleep phases. If your rest is adequate, your quality of life will improve and you will have more energy to work, have fun and play sports.

Connectivity and notifications

This watch counts steps provides Bluetooth connectivity, to pair it with your phone without any problem. However, you must first install the Garmin Connect app on your mobile device, so that you can make the connection properly. This app provides a variety of features, including easy-to-read graphs and the ability to share your achievements with other Garmin users.

After connecting with the phone app, this fitness tracker allows you to set notifications, for example, calls, text messages and others. Likewise, it offers message response if you have an Android device, which is not possible in many other smartwatch models.

On the other hand, we inform you that you can receive email, weather and news notifications directly on the heart rate monitor screen. In other words, you can do swimming, running or other physical activities without having to have your mobile in your hand.

On the other hand, it should be noted that it notifies you if you are stressed, so that you take a break, breathe and relax before continuing your training or work day. At the same time, it informs you about your energy level, which is a plus for working, studying or training in sports.


This activity bracelet combines very well with almost any style of person, because it is very beautiful and is available in various colors, gray, maroon or black. You can purchase the one that best suits your requirements.

According to some opinions on the Internet, this is an activity bracelet that will adapt to wrists of various sizes, including fine or small. Likewise, it is suitable for women or men, due to its sporty design with a rectangular screen and neutral tones. Don’t worry if it’s sunny, as the screen is quite bright. In addition to this, it presents a satin bezel with excellent finishes that make its compact screen stand out more.

And, if you are wondering about autonomy, don’t worry, because despite its low price it offers a powerful battery that lasts 7 days on a single charge. Of course, autonomy is relative, because it depends a lot on how you use the pedometer.   

In another order of ideas, we inform you that its design is waterproof, so that you can not only use it for running, yoga and the gym, but also for swimming, diving, canoeing or other water sports.

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