Opinions about Globus Duo Tens

Main advantage:

Most of the programs of this device are oriented to the treatment of injuries, muscular pains and physiotherapy. For this reason, it has two independent channels, designed to treat back and cervical pain. Additionally, it includes functions oriented to sports and aesthetic performance. 

Main disadvantage:

Care should be taken when bending the leads or storing them, as they may deteriorate and affect the connection between the electrodes and the device.

Verdict: 9.6/10

It is a basic range equipment and a compact size, whose efficient performance in relieving low back pain, muscle pain, menstrual pain, among others, is highlighted by its users. 

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Main Features Explained

Pain relief

Since their invention, electrostimulators have been used for therapeutic purposes in the rehabilitation of injuries to prevent muscle atrophy and relieve physical pain. 

Maintaining this purpose, the Globus Duo Tens offers its users effective performance, thanks to Tens currents (Transcutaneous Nerve Electrostimulation) to activate the body’s natural painkillers. That is, release endorphins and thereby reduce cervical pain, sciatica, lumbago, menstrual pain, back pain and other daily discomforts. 

In this sense, there are 16 pain treatment programs that you can choose according to your needs through the button panel and the backlit screen of the device, whose user interface is very intuitive.

Consequently, and according to the opinions of the users, the Globus Duo Tens works as a rehabilitation center at home, with which you can also obtain muscle recovery after spending a long period of inactivity, due to some physical injury. 

On the other hand, athletes or anyone who takes care of their body and appearance can take advantage of the properties of this electrostimulation device to improve physical performance, increasing their resistance, strength and muscle strengthening. This is possible thanks to the functions Maximum Strength, Decontracting and Cooling of the Sports program. 

Likewise, the abdominal girdle modeling function is aimed at improving your appearance and obtaining a defined abdomen, reducing the fat in this area and slimming the waist. 


The performance of the Globus Duo Tens is determined by the power of 100mA per channel and a pulse, the amplitude of which can vary from 50 to 400μs. For their part, the two independent channels operate at a frequency of 0 – 150Hz.

These data indicate that the square, biphasic, symmetrical and compensated wave that is emitted with each electrical impulse is going to carry out the muscular contraction, to achieve the objectives proposed with the use of the equipment, whether therapeutic, sports or aesthetic.

Regarding this aspect, we must point out that the Globus Duo Tens technology incorporates the Syncrostim function, with which you can raise or lower the intensity of all the channels simultaneously, just by pressing a button. This feature is very useful for more experienced users of this therapy, as it helps them start stimulation faster.

Now, regarding the operation of the equipment itself, it is necessary to clarify that it comes with 4 high adherence electrodes of 5 x 5 cm, and two rectangular pairs of 5 x 9 cm, which can be placed in strategic points of the body to achieve the desired pain relief or toning. 

For this reason, its price may seem high, but considering all the benefits and advantages over the intensity of electrostimulation, it is an investment for your health and physical care.

Autonomy, memory and ergonomics

Experts and users agree that the best electrostimulators must offer ample autonomy. For this reason, Globus Duo Tens has a long-lasting rechargeable battery, with which you can perform several sessions before needing to power it again. 

Another aspect to highlight is that it also incorporates a memory so that you can save 6 personalized programs, choosing the parameters that best suit your physical or rehabilitation routine. An advantage that can be used anywhere, thanks to the compact and lightweight design of the device, thus offering an ergonomic format for users.

Although this product is from the basic Globus range, we cannot deny that the programs it incorporates and the technology of its operation respond efficiently to the treatment of pain, muscle strengthening and physical rehabilitation for aesthetic purposes.

However, it is important to remember that you should consult your doctor about the use of this electrostimulator, in case of having a specific injury, so that he or she can give you the correct instructions on how to use the equipment to restore your health.

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