Opinions about GRIVEL G12

Main advantage:

Its most notable feature is that, thanks to its adjustment system, it can be attached to almost any type of boot. Having 12 points, they are ideal crampons for mountaineering and certain ice routes.

Main disadvantage:

These crampons do not come with a storage case, so you may want to purchase one separately.

Verdict: 9.6/10

A very easy model both to put on and to take off. It is easy to adjust and, most importantly, provides a comfortable feeling of security when walking in the mountains. Ultimately, that’s what it’s all about.

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Main Features Explained

Adjustment and regulation

Among the distinctive features of these crampons, we find, first of all, their adjustment system. This responds to a classic universal mechanism that allows its adaptation to almost any type of boot. In this way, you will not have to worry too much about this issue, because surely, this model will be suitable for yours.

It has a long nylon strap that fits perfectly in high mountain footwear. Of course, the manufacturer mentions that it adapts much better to non-rigid soles and that they do not have too much rim. In the event that the sole of your boots is totally rigid, these crampons may not be the most suitable.

The front and back parts are made of a kind of resistant plastic that allow an optimal opening and closing. Thus, they open forwards and backwards to facilitate their placement in the boot. As for the regulation system of this product, it is very fast, which means that you will not have to resort to additional tools.

Manufacturing materials

A detail that distinguishes it as one of the best crampons on the market is, without a doubt, the materials with which it has been manufactured. In the case at hand, we note that it has been made of Cromoly steel using exclusive 3DRS technology or, what is the same, 3D Relief Stamping.

This technology configures an article whose resistance rises to the maximum power, as well as its rigidity. In this way, the crampon will stay in place and will be ready to withstand even the steepest terrain.

As for the front, it is made of Zytel plastic. Among its qualities we also find great resistance. In short, it is logical to ask about the price of crampons, but it is also advisable to assess the balance between quality and resistance, as well as a third factor such as weight (950 grams). The relationship between these three aspects is simply impressive and does not go unnoticed among those users who are looking for the best.


Another element that many buyers have in mind is that the crampons are easy to transport and store. You may not need them for the entire hike, so make sure you can safely and comfortably carry them in your pack until you need them again.

These crampons have the advantage that they are 100% collapsible and flexible, so you only have to fold them for easy storage. They fold without the need for effort, so it is a matter that you will not have to give much more thought to.

If we look at the small pieces on the front and back of the crampon, we realize that these can also be folded inwards in order to reduce the overall size when transporting it in the backpack. As you can see, everything is designed to make transfers much more comfortable.


Finally, we come to one of the features most valued by users and that is reflected in the opinions about these crampons. We are facing a multipurpose model that you can use in endless outdoor activities.

For example, it is an ideal article for mountaineering, but not only that because it is suitable for mixed climbing routes. In the event that your passion is winter sports, you have to know that these crampons can be very efficient on those ice routes that are not very demanding.

This multifunction can be explained seeing that it is a model of classic character that incorporates 12 points. Provides a fit and lockdown that will allow you to feel secure while practicing your passion. Another proof of its open-mindedness is its huge range of sizes. Moreover, it is a product indicated for those whose foot number is between 36 and 47.

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