Opinions about High Peak Kira 4

Main advantage:

What is most striking about this tent is that it has a practical tunnel just before the entrance door that acts as an extension of the tent itself. It has enough capacity for 4 people.

Main disadvantage:

Although it includes hooks to mount its structure, it seems that these are somewhat flimsy, so they should be handled with care.

Verdict: 9.6/10

An ideal tent to spend a weekend in the mountains with friends. Being waterproof, it perfectly protects against the most adverse weather conditions, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

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Main Features Explained


If you are a fan of the mountains, you may need a tent with enough capacity for you and your friends. On this occasion, we are talking about this model indicated for 4 people, given that it has dimensions of 345 x 250 x 135 cm.

As for the exterior design, it sports a color combination that fits with any user. It is available in two shades of green, a detail that makes this model one of the best tents to use anywhere. It exhibits a design that does not attract too much attention and camouflages itself perfectly in any environment.

The fact that it incorporates a very practical porch area does not go unnoticed either. This allows you to enjoy more covered surface, so it is ideal, for example, to leave your shoes when you go to sleep. This way you make sure that they will not get wet during the night if, for example, it rains.

Fabrication material

The resistance of the tents is determined by their manufacturing materials. It is useless for it to be spacious or have a nice exterior if a little air blows and it collapses. In the case at hand, we find that it is made of polyester and nylon, two very convenient fabrics for this type of article.

Both materials make up a robust model that does not even shrink in the face of a rainy episode. Not in vain, it has a waterproof exterior that, according to the opinions of the users who have tried it, does not penetrate at any time, also thanks to the fact that it includes sealed seams. Another advantage of these materials is their light weight. This is a highly appreciated quality in this class of gadgets, as it will prevent long journeys from becoming burdensome carrying the store. Its weight does not reach 5 kg.

We cannot forget to mention another very interesting detail of this model. On one of its sides it has a window with a mosquito net, whose function is double. On the one hand, it allows proper ventilation, especially on the hottest nights of the year. On the other hand, it prevents the passage of mosquitoes and other insects.


The price of a tent is defined, among other factors, by the number of extras it includes. This model is striking for being very complete, since it is enough to examine some of its small details to realize that it is a special item. Best of all, it is suitable for all kinds of budgets.

In its igloo structure, it is possible to observe that it has two doors: one at the entrance and the other on the side. In this way, the inhabitants will be able to enter and exit with greater comfort.

Remarkable is that it also includes a lamp holder, a very interesting and useful element for the night. In addition, it has a water column of 2,000 m. Finally, do not forget that it is equipped with a series of pockets that will allow users to store some personal belongings without fear of losing them.


Finally, we must refer to the assembly of this tent. This is accompanied by a set of hooks, pegs, bars and other parts that are required for installation. The good news is that the assembly is hardly complicated, since the rods are marked with different colors that facilitate their placement.

Similarly, you can take a look at the assembly videos. You can save it on your mobile phone and thus have it at hand whenever you need it.

It is clear that practice will allow you to assemble and disassemble the tent in a matter of minutes. But it is useful that this model is accompanied by all the necessary gadgets so that you can enjoy your picnic without time to waste.

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