Opinions about Izas Aletch

Main advantage:

When purchasing the product, you will be betting on a garment with great textile technology, which will resist blizzards, will adapt to the natural shape of the body due to its flexibility and will extract internal moisture from sweating.

Main disadvantage:

The cut pattern of the garment could be a little smaller than that of other mountain pants, so you should take your forecasts when selecting the size.

Verdict: 9.6/10

With this garment you can dress in fashion and you will be protected from the elements thanks to its reinforcements and textile technology. In addition, its zippered pockets allow you to keep any small object close at hand.

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Main Features Explained

textile technology

The variety of fabrics present in the mountain pants models is usually quite wide, since not all the designs have been made to satisfy the same needs. Therefore, you will find garments capable of retaining heat, breathable, with protection against blizzards, waterproof, resistant to abrasion, comfortable, among many other features that a textile can offer.

In this sense, the well-known Izas brand took on the task of combining a natural fiber with three advanced technologies in its Aletch pants model. Thus, his followers will be able to enjoy a garment with great properties, ideal for outdoor activities during the warm season of the year.

In the same way, the All Weather Protection System is a treatment that will keep you protected from blizzards and provides a high level of breathability to these mountain pants. For its part, the Mount – Strech technology, applied to the fabric, will provide the necessary elasticity so that you can move while preserving the natural movement of your legs. In addition, it favors the release of steam, while preserving warmth in the body.

Finally, the manufacturer previously applied a set of special techniques known as Dry to the fibers, which allow the fabric to release internal perspiration, so that it evaporates quickly, while the interior remains dry.


When going on an excursion to the mountains, it is necessary to have special clothing that provides comfort and protection to our body. In this way, we can move with greater confidence and security.

Among these garments, the mountain pants stand out, which usually incorporate some strategically reinforced areas so that you do not have to worry about tears or general deterioration.

According to the opinions found in the purchase portals, users agree in positively evaluating these pants from the Izas house, since it is a garment capable of protecting you in case, when walking, you fall on your knees or raise your leg very high. In the latter case, the crotch part could be compromised due to the applied force and, therefore, the textile may tear or the seams may give way.

For this reason, the garment has a design with preformed knees, which, in turn, have been covered with a more robust fabric than that used for the rest of the trousers. In this way, the risk of textile deterioration due to abrasion will be reduced, as well as hurting your skin, since the reinforcement gives a slight sensation of padding and has a pleasant soft touch. In addition, said reinforcement has been placed in the crotch and part of the rear area.

Washing and drying

It is not just about buying a garment at first sight only because of its competitive price or because many consider that they are the best mountain pants. You must bear in mind that there are other relevant characteristics, which we often let go unnoticed, but which in the long term could largely determine the durability of the textile.

One of these aspects is the washing method, which must be carried out very frequently because it is a textile that will inevitably get dirty on any of our journeys. Therefore, the cleaning of the textile and its respective drying will have to be as simple as possible. Thus, we will not invest too much time in a single garment, since, when we arrive from camp, we also have to take care of cleaning the shoes, backpack and other equipment.

Izas Aletch is a textile product that you can incorporate into the washing machine without any fear, using a gentle cycle with a temperature that does not exceed 30 °C and bleach-free detergent. In this way, you will eliminate dirt, mites and bacteria without damaging the fibers. For its part, drying is recommended in the open air, since the Mount – Strech used in the pants could give way too much with exposure to the dryer.

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