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Main advantage:

The design of these pants incorporates some reinforcements on the knees, crotch and lower part of the legs, made of a robust and flexible fabric, which enhances protection in the event of chafing or impact without sacrificing free mobility.

Main disadvantage:

The length of the legs may be a bit long, depending on the height of the wearer, so the knee pads may not be positioned correctly.

Verdict: 9.7/10

This is a garment with a straight cut that fits slightly to the legs, made of waterproof, breathable and flexible textile, suitable for living outdoors.

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Main Features Explained

reinforcement areas

The incorporation of reinforcement areas in mountain clothing is an aspect highly valued by professional or amateur athletes, as it provides them with greater protection in the event of an unexpected fall. In addition, in this way, the garment lasts much longer as it can resist abrasion.

In general, manufacturers incorporate these reinforcement pieces in the area of ​​the knees, crotch and rear area. Of course, everything will depend on the design proposed by the respective brand.

If we look at the making of the Baltic mountain pants, belonging to the well-known Izas house, we will find that their preformed knees have been provided with a more robust fabric than that used for the rest of the pants. This way, you won’t have to worry about chafing or tearing the fabric.

In addition, despite being a thicker material, it will not interfere with the mobility of your legs, since it is flexible and adapts to the natural movement of the knees when sitting down, kneeling, walking, jumping or running. Additionally, the garment has reinforcements in the crotch and lower legs. All of them are integrated into the textile piece with well-defined seams, which show a good level of quality.

fabric and cleaning

The fabrics used to make mountain pants are usually quite varied, since each one of them has specific characteristics of perspiration, warmth, impermeability, resistance to abrasion, flexibility, among other qualities.

In this sense, each manufacturer selects these fibers in favor of satisfying the main needs of users according to the season of the year, since the same textile cannot be used for summer and winter. Also, this aspect can influence the price of the product.

Izas Baltic is for many the best possible mountain pants, due to its modern design made with a combination of high quality fibers, which enhance freedom of movement, freshness and protection from both rain and abrasion.

This is possible thanks to the polyester and elastane threads used at 92 and 8% respectively, which create a membrane with a porosity small enough to prevent the passage of moisture, but which allows free passage of air, for proper breathability.. In addition, due to the flexibility provided, you will be able to move without limitations and the pants will adapt much better to the anatomy.

With regard to cleaning the garment, you can put it in the washing machine, using a gentle cycle with a temperature not exceeding 30 °C so as not to damage the fibers.

elastic waist

When doing an outdoor activity, comfort is important, so that our movements are not limited in any way. Regarding this topic, the fit of the pants to be used is a very important aspect, since if, for example, the waist area is too loose, then when walking we will have to constantly worry about putting the garment in its place.. On the contrary, if the waist is very tight, we will feel suffocated and quite uncomfortable.

For this reason, when selecting a model, we must remember that, even though two people wear the same size and have the same length of legs because they are the same height, the waist will not necessarily have a correct fit in both. This is because the thickness of this area varies with build.

To avoid these situations and provide a better user experience, the Izas house has chosen to incorporate an elastic waist to this model. Thus, it manages to provide a better adaptation to said area, without sacrificing comfort, due to the flexibility granted. In addition, it incorporates a belt with a buckle for a more secure fit. These characteristics are responsible for the numerous positive opinions posted on purchase portals by brand followers.

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