Opinions about Joma Academy

Main advantage:

This model has a functional and attractive design integrated by the pants and the jacket, with a central zipper and complete to the neck, which is available in six color combinations, to select the one that best suits the style.

Main disadvantage:

Its use is recommended for hot summer days, since, being made of polyester, it can be a fine fabric for the cold days of the winter season. 

Verdict: 9.6/10

It is listed as one of the best tracksuits in its category because it offers various options to choose your look, it is attractively designed and comfortable with a modern fit and pockets. 

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Main Features Explained


Although the design can be seen as a superficial aspect, in the case of sportswear it is not, so if you want to acquire the best tracksuit on the market, you can analyze the design that the model of interest offers, since This way you will have greater security and comfort when dressing the pieces. 

In the case of this model from the manufacturer Joma, not only does it have a functional and attractive design, but it is also competitively priced and is available in six color combinations to select the one that best suits your style and personal taste. 

In this way, the Joma Academy proposal is made up of the jacket and the trousers. The first piece has a central and complete zipper that reaches the neck and, for greater functionality, incorporates a pair of pockets on each side and ribbed cuffs, in order to provide an optimized fit. 

For the pants, this sports brand has opted for a classic cut design. Likewise, the bottom of the tracksuit has also been equipped with pockets, in order to store small objects such as keys or money. Both the jacket and the pants have the brand’s logo embroidered, which makes the outfit more attractive. 

Fit and colors 

As tracksuits are sportswear, they most commonly have a comfortable, loose fit. In the case of this proposal from Joma, it is no exception, since it is a standard cut model, with the possibility of adjusting some areas of the pieces to achieve a better fit, since it has been anatomically created to provide comfort.. 

According to the texture, you can select one of the nine sizes available between S and 6XL, the one that best fits the person, in order to offer freedom of movement and, although it can be fitted to the body, it will not be tight, If not the opposite. In fact, the pants have, at the waist, an elastic material, as well as an internal drawstring that optimizes the fit and prevents the piece from slipping during training. 

Also, this model is available in six colors, so that the user can select their favorite to combine with the rest of the sports clothing and show off their style while training. These colors are red/navy, yellow/black, navy/white, black/white, royal/navy and green/black, with a variation in price between one color and the other.

Materials and manufacturing

The opinions of the users about this model are oriented towards a positive perception, because it is manufactured with high quality standards in the construction of both pieces, with reinforced seams, aesthetic and delicate folds, to provide greater resistance and security in movements. For this reason, you can put aside the fear that the pants will come undone during stretching or that the jacket will be damaged after a short time of use, because the garments are made of a material that is resistant to tension and tear-proof., so it will be a durable tracksuit if basic care is followed.  

This is because its manufacturer Joma has spared no effort in developing textile technologies applied to sports, by making a 100% polyester composition, a material that is beneficial for summer and days of intense heat, because it is thin and fits properly to the body. In addition, it does not stretch, it does not deform and it does not wrinkle either. 

Likewise, this tracksuit is convenient because it reduces the proliferation of bacteria and prevents bad odours, since it retains moisture for less time and sweat dries quickly, so that it gives a sensation of freshness to the skin, by allowing the entry air constant. 

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