Opinions about Joma Champion

Main advantage: 

Feeling light and fast is no problem for the footballer who wears these boots on the pitch. One of its most outstanding features is the ultralight Micro-PU used for its manufacture, which manages to significantly reduce the weight of the boot.

Main disadvantage: 

Those who prefer a more classic and demure style, might not enjoy the bright colors that this shoe has. However, this does not affect its quality. 

Verdict: 9.7/10 

The cut of these Champion football boots makes them one of the best when what you are looking for is lightness and comfort to speed up your maneuvers on the field of play. 

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Main Features Explained


Joma describes itself as an innovative brand without limits in the creation of sports designs and this is demonstrated with these Champion football boots, which could be one of its best examples. In addition to having a very modern cut, its orange and yellow colors point to fashion and, without a doubt, they will stand out on the field every time you go into action with the ball.

Its dynamic look is achieved with a seamless microfiber full piece and neon yellow center laces, appealing to any player who wants to feel fast on the pitch. Plus, the snug fit these laces provide will keep your boots from shifting while you’re on the go.

Additionally, the design of the black prints on the sides and back increases the attractiveness of these football boots and makes them stand out from other more conventional options on the market.


Many of the opinions of those who have put on these football boots express that they are the combination of an attractive design with a good light feeling. The explanation is its manufacture in Micro-PU of the highest quality and that is only 1.1 millimeters thick. 

This ultralight material considerably reduces the weight of the boot and inspires the player to reach their maximum playing speed. The best thing is that, when running and kicking the ball, the safety of the foot against injuries has also been considered by including a reinforced and very resistant internal structure. That is, despite its lightweight material, it has adequate protection capabilities. 

For that reason, these could be considered by many players as one of the most outstanding models, since their light weight makes it possible for the footballer to confidently develop the agility and speed necessary as game advantages. 


Describing the best football boots leads us to consider various aspects that go beyond design or price. The sole of the Champion boots is also one of the features that helps position them as a high-quality sports shoe. 

The design of the sole is as attractive as its general appearance, since the yellow rounded studs come from a transparent surface, something that contrasts remarkably. Regardless of how it looks, this sole has two components that combined achieve the flexibility and cushioning that every player needs. 

In this sense, it incorporates a double density technology in which a soft and spongy inner sole creates flexibility, while the outer part is hard and resistant to distribute the studs that will sit on the surface and allow adequate traction. In this way, each stud is joined to the other through structural ribs that increase stability in each movement.

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