Opinions about ls2 integral FF353

Main advantage:

This full-face helmet is made with quality materials, efficient to keep you safe while you use it, since the structure could withstand strong impacts due to its manufacture in ABS molded with HPTT.

Main disadvantage:

The helmet is prepared to adapt the pinlock anti-fog system. However, it is not found in the set of this helmet, so you would have to look for it separately, which is inconvenient.

Verdict: 9.6/10

When it comes to your security, you must acquire all the special accessories to enjoy it whenever necessary. In this way, the integral helmet of the Ls2 brand could be a good option.

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Main Features Explained


As we know, there is a wide variety of full-face helmets on the market that are ideal for motorcyclists, each one with different characteristics and many are capable of offering the level of safety that is required when it comes to keeping your head well protected against impacts. In this way, in terms of their manufacture, there are made with aluminium, fiber and plastic, the latter being the most common and precisely with which this integral model FF353 is made.

In this sense, the Ls2 brand, on this occasion, offers you a helmet molded in HPTT and made up of a mixture of ABS, which gives you a safe and resistant structure, but light at the same time, since the weight of this model is of only 1.2 kilograms approximately.

In addition, it is designed in such a way that you can use it constantly without getting tired. Thus, you could use this helmet during long daily walks in your city or even when you go on a trip if you wish. On the other hand, it is important to mention that the inner part of this helmet is hypoallergenic, which means a product with a high level of quality, being sure that it could not cause any type of allergy during use for greater comfort.


According to the opinions of different experts, in this type of accessories for motorcyclists, the quality of a helmet will not always be measured by the type of material with which it is made, since there are other very important characteristics that should not go unnoticed, such as example, the visor. Well, it should be noted that this is responsible for protecting the eye structure to the maximum against different infections or any type of foreign body that may be in the air while you drive.

In this way, it should be noted that the Ls2 brand offers you visors made of class A 3D optical polycarbonate, which will allow you to protect your eyes from rain, mud splashes, the entry of mosquitoes as well as any object that may suddenly impact against your face For its part, the visor of this model is equipped with a special polymer with high resistance against impacts, which will help you avoid contact with your eyes against the asphalt in the event of an accident.

Likewise, you can feel very comfortable looking through it, since it avoids the distortion of things and provides great clarity while driving. After having mentioned all these features regarding the visor of this model, we could qualify this model as the best full-face helmet on the market, which is also available at a very affordable price for your pocket.


According to the design of the full-face helmet that most attracts your attention, you could deduce whether or not it would be able to offer you the comfort and ergonomics you need. Also, you could determine if it really is what you are looking for and what you would be willing to put on your head while driving through the streets of your city. In this sense, the LS2 brand is characterized by offering the general public the possibility of choosing between different types of helmets, a variety of designs designed for each type of person.

That is why the integral model FF353 has a very attractive matte black structure. Likewise, the ergonomics and comfort that it provides to your head is considerable thanks to the dynamic flow ventilation system that it has, special for the air to circulate inside, avoiding excessive sweating and bad odors on the head. But that’s not all, the helmet also has special air exhaust ports so you can always stay cool. Likewise, its dimensions are 30 centimeters high, 40 centimeters long and 30 centimeters wide for the medium size.

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