Opinions about MOLTO 3 in 1

Main advantage:

This ride-on has a nice design that could easily draw your baby’s attention as its structure mimics the shape of a truck. It is also available in yellow.

Main disadvantage:

For some parents, the fact that the steering wheel does not turn the wheels has been a bit uncomfortable, since the child must exert force to turn the ride-on and be able to cross anywhere.

Verdict: 9.8/10

If you are looking for a special ride-on so that your child can have fun, this model could be a very good option.

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Main Features Explained


According to the opinions of some users, and taking into account that it is a toy designed for the use of the smallest of the house, the first thing you should take into account, before making the purchase, is its design. This will allow you to be aware of its dimensions, the color in which it is available or even how beautiful or attractive its structure could be.

In this sense, the MOLTO brand ride-on would be able to attract the attention of any child thanks to its comfortable and fun truck-shaped structure. This same one is available in yellow with black details and has the ability to offer you a considerable level of fun.

Among other details, it is important to mention that this ride-on has an appropriate size for the use of the smallest of the house, since it has dimensions of 30 x 43.4 x 56.9 centimeters, while its weight is only 2.9 kilograms, which makes it a compact and lightweight product that your baby can use comfortably without much effort.

It is important to mention that its manufacturers recommend a maximum and minimum age range for the use of this product, thus being able to avoid inconveniences in the future. In this sense, the ride-on is recommended for children 12 months and older and could be used up to 6 years of age. Well, as the child grows, the car will be smaller as well as uncomfortable to handle.

Finally, we must mention the fact that this model has a steering wheel in its structure so that the child can hold on comfortably, thus preventing him from falling in case he loses control while traveling long distances. In addition, for greater comfort, this toy has a back support that will allow your little one to recharge when he feels tired or could even prevent him from moving backwards, reducing the chances of an accident.


In addition to the design that a specific ride-on can offer you, you should take into account other details that could help you deduce how resistant the model that most attracts your attention could be. In this sense, we talk about the manufacturing material with which it is made, since it must be of high quality and capable of providing you with a durable and reliable toy.

On the other hand, it is no secret to anyone that when we become a father or mother, the first thing we seek to take into account before buying any accessory or toy is its material, since it should not contain any harmful component or, at worst, of the cases that can be harmful to the health of the smallest of the house.

The MOLTO brand has always stood out in the market for being a manufacturer of quality toys, which in addition to providing products for the fun of your little one is responsible for using high quality materials and this is no exception, as this model is Composed of 100% very durable and resistant plastic.

For its part, it should be noted that the finish that the structure of this toy has is first class, so you should not worry at all because your little one could hurt himself with a sharp or poorly worked corner. Likewise, the wheels included in this ride-on will allow your child to comfortably move around any space and without any inconvenience, this is due to the diameter they have, as well as the material that was used for their preparation.

Thus, it is important that you consider that you could acquire this model at a good price, it is also capable of giving you a long useful life, so that you can forget about unnecessary expenses in the future, at the same time that your little one enjoys having fun while uses.


When you decide to acquire a special toy for your child’s use, you should not forget to look at the functionality that it could offer so that your little one can have healthy fun at home, in the park or even in the countryside. In this sense, the more functions the ride-on that you decide to acquire for your child has, the more fun it will be able to enjoy. In addition, without a doubt, it will be a much more attractive product and one that always provokes you to play with.

It should be noted that ride-ons are sometimes ideal for helping your child gain agility in his little legs, thus preparing him to learn to walk completely or even start running.

Due to its shape and construction, this model offers three ideal game modes for your little one to enjoy as much fun as possible. In this way, your baby will be able to use it as a walker, thanks to the lumbar support that it includes in its structure, as a ride-on, ideal for him to run non-stop and also as a surprise block game, since he only has to open the trunk and there he will find the blocks that are included with the product, to be used in the ride-on or you could even use them to play independently.

Best of all, the child can always stay safe while having fun and enjoying their experience to the fullest. Therefore, this could be considered the best ride-on available on the market.

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