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Main advantage:

The display is one of the best accessories of this bike, since it serves to keep you informed of the speeds and distances you travel, as well as allowing you to use the device as a charging point for your devices.

Main disadvantage:

This product does not come with a manual to indicate how to use it correctly, therefore it may take some time to learn how to use its more sophisticated electrical functions.

Verdict: 9.8/10

When it comes to electric bicycles, this mountain model is one of the most outstanding that exists, as it has various accessories that will allow you to have a complete experience on each tour.

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Main Features Explained

E bike

There are still those who do not fully trust modern bicycles that have electric motors, however, those who do dare to increase the price range they have for their future bike a little more and manage to obtain an electric model can obtain the best mountain bike to cover all imaginable routes.

The 48V brushless rear motor with a nominal power of 250W that allows you to reach 25 km/h will lighten your effort on the most difficult climbs. This Das-Kit type model stands out for having a completely silent operation so as not to have an annoying noise accompanying you throughout the journey. The best thing is that its optimal performance is not determined by the maintenance you give it, since it is efficient without needing constant revision. This little contraption offers a maximum torque of 55 Nm and a reduction ratio of 1:5.

The bicycle has a battery that offers a range that can range from approximately 40 to 120 km, which will give you hours of travel at full speed. It is a DEHAWK I5-4813H model with 48V 13Ah and 624Wh, a type of battery suitable for electric bicycles.

The unique features don’t end there, as this bike also comes with a backlit LCD screen on top that serves as a display to give you various indications of the bike’s performance. There you can see the speed you reach when moving, as well as the total distance you travel. With the left hand it is possible to indicate the level of pedal assistance that you want to use and you can also adjust the power output of the battery. As if this were not enough, it is also possible to connect your electronic devices via USB cables to charge them.


NCM Bikes has in its portfolio various mountain bikes that attract the attention of a large number of professional and amateur cyclists who are looking for their new companion for mountain trips or different off-road routes. The Moscow model is one of the most outstanding creations of the brand and this is due to various qualities of its manufacture.

The structure of this bicycle not only stands out for its modern and advanced design, but also for all the details that have been taken into account in order to offer an ideal result for any adult who wishes to purchase a mountain bike with electric functions. The frame is built to last no matter what you put it through, and features a frame made from aluminum to reduce weight, leaving it with a max weight of 29kg. This does not affect its ability to support people weighing up to 125 kilograms without any problem.

From end to end, it measures 178 cm, while the seatpost of the bike has an adjustable height from 91.5 cm to 115 cm maximum. This last detail allows the adjustment of the saddle to be based on the cyclist’s height, to offer a good reach to the pedals. At the front, the height from the wheel to the handlebars is 108 cm.

This bicycle has a structure that, in addition to providing comfort for each trip, also offers safety. The distance of 70 cm between the ends of the handlebar offers an adequate positioning of the body to be able to walk comfortably and its ergonomic grip will allow you to avoid slipping of your hand or wear on the palm due to the force you apply to the handlebar. You won’t have to worry about aches and pains, as both the brake and gear systems are close by and all you have to do is stretch your fingers to use them.


Before forming your final opinions on a bike, you need to have an idea of ​​what the ride will be like on it. In this case, you won’t need to worry too much about this, as luckily this bike has a smooth ride to make even the most challenging routes feel like a ride.

Both the gears and the crank are of the Shimano model to provide smooth pedaling that yields with little pressure to prevent you from getting tired quickly. The possibility of reaching high speeds is easy, because the gear of this bike has the quality of being able to make 21 different changes to choose the speed at which you want to go. The changes will be easy to make so you can have a different pace of movement depending on the terrain you are traveling, such as climbs, descents or uneven surfaces.

The 29” bike is fitted with 2.25” SCHWALBE tires to provide optimum balance that will allow cyclists to ride comfortably and safely. In addition, its modern design offers a good grip on any surface, which will minimize the risk of dangerous slips and falls. The addition of this type of tires is one of the best features of the NCM Bikes Moscow model.

To add important aspects to riders’ safety and more convenient riding, this bike comes with TEKTRO mechanical disc brakes and also features a brake sensor located on the left lever that will put you in control very close to your hands. No matter what speed you’re riding the bike at, the disc offers quick braking that puts the rider in complete control, stopping the motor and reducing stopping distance. With just a little effort, you will be able to stop the bike to avoid accidents.

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