Opinions about NIKE Legend 7 Academy

Main advantage:

These football boots are made with materials that provide them with a longer useful life. In this sense, calfskin is the most important accessory in this model, due to the quality and resistance it offers to each use.

Main disadvantage:

It is necessary that you look carefully at the size you decide to acquire, to avoid buying football boots that are too big or, on the contrary, too small.

Verdict: 9.7/10

Due to their manufacture, these boots could offer you considerable quality and resistance to each use. In addition, they are available in two shades for you to choose the one you prefer.

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Main Features Explained



There are many models of special football boots for each type of foot. Some are even capable of adapting to each game field, therefore, depending on your requirements, you will have to evaluate several options to decide on the best among all.

In this sense, you cannot overlook details that have to do with the design of the boots, since this will play a fundamental role in each use. In this way, the Nike brand has a model for you that, in addition to being comfortable and ergonomic, is attractive to anyone’s eyes.

Its structure is available in two colors, purple and black being the same, which makes these boots a product that can be combined with any type of football uniform regardless of its tones.

As for the details it has, there is the brand’s logo embossed on the sides just in white. In addition, the tongue gives it a special touch due to its color, being an intense orange that undoubtedly stands out in this model.

For its part, the surface of these football boots is fully corrugated, which gives you a better handling of the ball on the field of play, so you can perform agilely and even apply some spin when hitting the ball.


According to the opinions of some users, when buying good football boots you should also take into account the level of adjustment that they are capable of providing, so that they can stay in place while you run and kick the ball. This detail is very important, since while you are playing you must feel comfortable and safe to be able to move around the entire game area without problems.

In this sense, the Legend 7 Academy model has a superior fit that occurs through the presence of special braided cables to keep the boots attached to your feet. Also, this model has elastic pins on each side of the tongue that will also help with the stability of the boots during the game.

Among other details, it should be noted that this model has a flat heel, while the insoles present inside have been preformed so that you can enjoy the comfort you need. Likewise, the multi-stud sole of these boots does not damage the pitch, while the back of the boots are designed to give your heels greater support.


If you want to buy the best football boots available on the market and at a good price, then you should consider different characteristics that will help you deduce the level of quality and resistance of the model that most attracts your attention.

In this sense, do not forget to look at the materials that have been included during the manufacture of the football boots, since only then can you deduce what useful life a specific model could offer you.

The Nike brand has always stood out in the market for the quality of its products and this is no exception, as it should be noted that the Legend 7 Academy model is made of a very resistant and durable material, which is calfskin.

Likewise, to avoid deformations in the boots, they have an internal mesh lining that will allow you to enjoy them for a long time, since the deformation of the skin will not be a problem for you. For its part, for greater comfort, the calf leather that is available on the upper part of the boots, in addition to being internally padded, is capable of providing you with the level of comfort you need to play and perform properly when kicking. the ball.

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