Opinions about Nike Revolution 4

Main advantage:  

These shoes are available in various colors and have a more advanced and quality design, so you could use them occasionally or to carry out the practice of Running, as well as carrying out different outdoor activities. Also, it is made with quality and resistant materials.


Main disadvantage:

Because they are shoes with features such as an upper made of breathable mesh, they may not be the most suitable for use during the winter season, since your feet would freeze.

Verdict: 9.5/10

If running shoes are your thing, then this model may be the one for you, since it is suitable for use by those who are even starting out in the practice of said sport.

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Main Features Explained



Many factors are decisive when choosing the pair of sneakers that you think are right for you, such as the design they have. This should be to your liking as well as practical and comfortable to be able to use Nike shoes for as long as you prefer while you exercise or do some day-to-day activity.

The shoes not only have an affordable price for your pocket, but they are also made in different shades of colors as well as combinations that make them look very pretty.

Likewise, due to their shape and design they can be used occasionally on a daily basis or you could even use them to run between 5 and 10 kilometers daily. They are also suitable for going to the gym, doing group activities or doing a little room or treadmill. According to the opinions of some users, these are also suitable for those who are starting out in the world of Running, which is why they could be considered the best Nike shoes.


Apart from the design, it is also important to talk a little about the construction and materials that these Nike shoes have, so that you can draw your own conclusions regarding the use time that these shoes could give you, even if you decide to give them constant use.

This being the case, it should first be noted that both the outer part and the lining of this footwear is completely synthetic, which gives it a considerably long useful life as long as you can give them the care they deserve, to always remain in good condition..

For its part, as for the midsole of the Nike Revolution 4, it continues to be made with phylon, a material that is derived from EVA rubber and that has been on the market for many years providing quality and comfort to each user, since said compound you could even find it present in the construction of mid-range or high-end shoes.

In a few words, this model, in addition to being made in a wide variety of sizes, is capable of providing you with the resistance, quality and durability you need, so that you can save yourself unnecessary expenses in the future.

upper and sole

Now it’s time to talk about the upper of these shoes or that area better known as the one above the sole. As time goes by, Nike seeks to continue innovating to meet the ever-changing demands of users, so that they can enjoy the comfort and quality they need.

It is for this reason that the Revolution 4 model has an upper that brings it closer to what a sock would be. That’s right, these special shoes for the practice of Running, as well as for occasional use, are one of the most comfortable when putting them on, so before each use you could reaffirm how comfortable and light they are.

But that’s not all, they are also capable of providing you with a high level of breathability, as well as comfort in the fit of the instep for a better wearing experience. Thus, your feet will always stay dry and fresh due to the mesh that covers most of the structure of these shoes.

Now, if we talk about the sole, there is no doubt that you could enjoy the agility and dynamics that you need with each use, this is due to the slight change in its design that makes it work better.

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