Opinions about Nike Revolution 4 EU

Main advantage:

They are sneakers with an attractive design and good manufacturing materials that will allow you to use them for practically any activity, be it sports or casual with friends and family.

Main disadvantage:

Since the sole of the shoes is made of rubber, noise may occur when walking on certain smooth surfaces, but this is not a problem for use.

Verdict: 9.5/10

Nike offers you a striking option in sneakers at an affordable price and that you will be able to get more out of it than you imagine thanks to its casual design, but durable and resistant.

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Main Features Explained


shoe design

In order to find the best running shoes for you, one of the main aspects that you should analyze before choosing them is their design. Make sure they are practical for the type of use you plan to put them to, whether it’s outdoor running, indoor running, or everyday footwear as well. And that is something that you can enjoy if you decide to invest in the alternative at a good price offered by the well-known Nike brand. On this occasion, we are faced with the Revolution 4 EU model, a pair of sports shoes that have a lot to offer both in style and comfort.

Its design is simple, but with striking details, such as a white sole with a toe cap, mesh lining and a design interspersed with the brand’s logo on its side. This will allow you to combine the running shoes with various clothing styles and also sports outfits so that you can use them as you prefer.

On the other hand, it should be noted that, if they are available at the time of purchase, this model could be purchased in different colors, among which you will find options such as light and dark gray, white, black, color combinations and more. Thus, you can choose those that best suit your taste.

Sole and closure

Other essential components to consider when you don’t know which model of running shoes to buy are its sole and the type of closure. These elements are, according to some opinions, very influential in the performance and comfort of the shoe, which becomes more important if we are talking about models for sports.

Just like the Nike Revolution 4 EU. These shoes, although they are designed for running, could also be used as daily footwear thanks to their modern and casual design.

The sole of this model is designed for neutral footsteps and has been made of rubber, a material highly resistant to wear and tear that will allow you to enjoy these shoes for a long time. In addition, the technology included in this section will allow you to have a good performance mainly on asphalt or on tracks. While on the other hand, they offer stability and cushioning due to their soft density.

Regarding the closure, these Nike shoes use the classic use of laces. These are inserted into robust eyelets integrated into the very construction of the shoe so that you can exert the necessary pressure of the tongue on your instep and thus secure the shoe to your foot. This will help you get a better balance, firm and stable steps and, in general, a more comfortable transfer than with other types of footwear.

clothing materials

Now, we recommend that you pay special attention to the construction materials of the shoes so that you can purchase a model that is resistant to wear and tear, especially if you want to use them for running or hiking in nature.

As for the Nike Revolution 4 EU running shoes, it stands out that this pair has very good manufacturing finishes by presenting safe seams and joints that will withstand intense use, even if it is daily. This will allow you to use your shoes as much as you want without fear of them wearing out prematurely.

For its part, both the external and internal part of the shoe are made of synthetic materials, which will be able to provide comfort and ventilation to keep your feet in a pleasant environment, even if you are practicing demanding activities. The laces are made of interwoven fabric and are fairly temper resistant so you can tighten them as much as you like without breaking them.

In addition to this, the use of canvas in some parts of the footwear should be highlighted. Canvas is a fabric that provides greater support to prevent deformation of the last and ensure that they continue to offer an appropriate fit, despite frequent use.

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