Opinions about Orbegozo FO 1700

Main advantage: 

This stove is efficient for cooking, because it has a practical and resistant design that has been made of stainless steel, so that it is suitable for incorporating large pots, with a balanced distribution of the flame, to ensure cooking.

Main disadvantage:

Although it is made with quality materials, this model may not be suitable for supporting the weight of pots with more than 25 liters of content, since this would exceed its capacity.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is considered one of the best stoves of 2022 since it has a versatile operation and can be used with butane or propane gas, with equal distribution of the flame and pressure of 28 to 30 millibars.

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Main Features Explained


According to the opinions of the users, the stoves must have functional and efficient designs so that their use is easier and it is possible to cook on them in a practical way. This model from the manufacturer Orbegozo stands out among the most favorable, due to its ergonomic design made up of a single cooking core, so that only one saucepan can be placed at a time.

Although it only consists of a burner, this alternative is fast and has a classic design that is available with stainless steel finishes and with black details, so it is elegant and looks consistent with most aesthetic decorations of modern kitchens. In addition, its use is quick and easy, because the stove includes a rotary dial in its structure, which serves to regulate the power and intensity of the flame.

It is only necessary to turn to light and, as it moves, the intensity can be controlled for greater or lesser abundance of the fire, according to the type of food that is being prepared for the moment. For this reason, it can be made from making pasta to boiling water, because its square shape allows the incorporation of pots with different sizes, such as paella pans, woks, frying pans and many other utensils.

Operation and power

Before making a purchase decision, it is prudent to know about the operation of the equipment. In this way, you will know if it is efficient for the purpose you want to give it. Individual stoves can work in different ways, which is why you can find proposals that heat by gas and others that do so with electricity.

In the case of this model, it is considered the best stove on the market because it works with gas. Indeed, one of the most outstanding advantages of the Orbegozo FO 1700 is that it can be used with both butane gas and propane gas, which diversifies its uses.

In addition, according to the technical information provided by its manufacturer, this option has a triple crown burner, making it powerful, with an adjustable capacity of 4,300 watts. In fact, the alternative admits the incorporation of an adapter, with which it is possible to use from pans to pots with a smaller base. On the other hand, it works with gas type G30 and with a pressure that is estimated between 28 and 30 mbar, so it is efficient, with a beneficial distribution of the flame.

Construction and portability

The price of a stove can be estimated according to the number of burners it incorporates and the construction of the model, since it will depend on this to be more resistant and appropriate to support the weight of the pots and their contents. 

Although the Orbegozo FO 1700 alternative has only one burner, its operation is top-of-the-range, because its construction is robust and solid, made with strong raw materials and a stainless steel body, which ensures a long useful life.

Despite being resistant, this model of stove has a relatively light weight of only 3.24 kilos, which allows it to be carried from one place to another and even used for outdoor trips, since its installation is quick and simple. It will only be necessary to connect to the gas source and you will be ready to cook your food. Likewise, its use is safe, since its ignition is automatic and it incorporates a piezoelectric system that prevents direct contact with the gas. 

Similarly, the dimensions of this stove are compact, which allows it to be placed on any flat surface strategically and according to convenience. In this way, only a small space is needed, since its measurements are 30.5 cm by 41 cm by 14.5 cm.

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