Opinions about POC Tectal

Main advantage:

This model stands out for having a light weight, which does not bother or reduce capacity during pedaling, because its shape is suitable to cover the most sensitive parts of the head, so that protection during the journey will be guaranteed.

Main disadvantage:

It is a helmet that comprehensively protects the most vulnerable areas of the head. However, its price is high when compared to models from other brands that have similar properties.

Verdict: 9.9/10

This helmet has been built with a special design that covers a large part of the head and robust materials that cushion impacts have been incorporated into its structure, which is why it is recognized as the best MTB helmet.

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Main Features Explained

Ergonomics and ventilation

MTB helmets fulfill an essential function, which is to protect the most sensitive areas of the skull, in the event of accidents on the road that lead the cyclist to lose control and fall off the bicycle. Although it is true that the models must provide firmness and a high degree of protection, convenience and comfort during use cannot be neglected. This is something that the POC brand has considered with its Tectal model, since it is a helmet equipped with ergonomic properties that make its use more practical and pleasant, so that the cyclist will use it frequently without feeling discomfort and, even, can be used with glasses.

These characteristics have led to the model being recognized for its proper operation and, according to user opinions, its ergonomic properties make pedaling more fun and restful. This is because it includes several ventilation holes that provide a regular intake of air into the helmet, so that the head stays cool and there is regular perspiration. In this way, the sweat is not concentrated, but dissipates, while the ventilation remains constant, even at low speed. Therefore, it is a recommended alternative for summer or days of extreme heat.

Support and protection

This MTB helmet has been designed to provide a high level of protection to the user through a fastening system that allows the helmet to remain attached to the cranial area, while pedaling through different mountain terrains. For this reason, this model incorporates a Y-shaped strap, which comes out from each side of the helmet, to join at the height of the chin by means of an adjustable buckle, so that the user can regulate the pressure or looseness, according to the needs and the shape of the face.

In addition, the helmet is equipped with a padded EPS lining that provides greater comfort while riding. In this way, the skin of the face, the temple, the sides of the skull and the other areas will not be injured by contact or friction, but will remain safe, because this material fulfills a protective and dissipating function of the blows that could occur.

These technological attributes for better aerodynamics, support and protection of the helmet is what raises the price of the POC Tectal model compared to other alternatives from other manufacturers, since this helmet has been built in one piece and treated with the latest innovations to better performance.

Construction and design

Design is an attribute that carries weight when making a decision to purchase an MTB helmet, because it helps the user identify with the model and customize it to their liking, so that it matches the bicycle and the environment. rest of your equipment. In the case of this POC alternative, it has a modern and avant-garde lightweight design, which is available in various colors and sizes, from size S to L. Each of these sizes has a specific measurement in centimeters, so that, before buying, the manufacturer recommends that you review the size chart and select the one that best fits the shape and dimensions of the head.

Being built in one piece, with a fiber bridge system, mobile visor, EPS padded lining and polycarbonate structure, this model is often considered the best MTB helmet of the moment, since its design helps to improve the performance and speed of the cyclist, with an adequate adjustment and providing the necessary protection in case of incidents on the road.

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