Opinions about Polar M430

Main advantage: 

This heart rate monitor weighs only 51 grams, therefore, we are talking about a very light and comfortable product to wear for the amount of time you prefer. It is also available in orange, white and black colors so you can choose the one you prefer.

Main disadvantage:

To mention a disadvantage about this product, it should be noted that the heart rate monitor has a low resolution screen compared to other similar devices, but you will be able to see everything you need with good clarity.


Verdict: 9.9/10

If you are looking for the ideal heart rate monitor for you, you could consider the M430 model, since it has an attractive design and a variety of functions that could surely satisfy your needs.

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Main Features Explained



If you are looking for a heart rate monitor for your daily use, you should take into account each of the functions that a specific model is capable of providing you so that you can verify how much it could satisfy your needs.

Some brands are characterized by offering the user many options for monitoring activities through a heart rate monitor and this is no exception, because Polar has the M430 for you, a model that is characterized first of all by offering you a wide variety of functions, among them, it has a fitness test that is suitable for measuring your level of performance, as well as the recovery time you need.

Likewise, with this heart rate monitor you will be able to be aware of your daily calorie consumption and you will have at your disposal a summary of the effects of each activity you carry out so that you can have more detailed control and, as if that were not enough, you will even have the opportunity to create exercise plans in Polar Flow, which you can then transfer to the M430, so that the heart rate monitor guides you through each step you must take during your practices.

Speaking of Polar Flow, let us tell you that it is an online window belonging to the Polar brand where you can see your exercises and activities without any problem. Therefore, it will be easy for you to add and customize the sport profiles you prefer, and then adapt them to the M430, whether you practice cycling or carry out a daily strength exercise.

Among other functions that this heart rate monitor has, it will be able to record your pulse 24 hours a day, since the 1.1.4 update for Polar M430 has integrated this novelty into its system, which is a great advance, because before there was a record of your pulsations only when you were doing some practice.


The price of a heart rate monitor will depend largely on the functions it has as well as its design, since some models are even more ergonomic than others and have better features, which is why you should not overlook any feature.

The M430 model offers you, in relation to this, a weight of only 51 grams, therefore, you can wear it for as long as you want without it bothering you or causing you any kind of discomfort. Also, it is available in the colors white, black and orange for you to choose the one of your preference.

On the other hand, the strap that includes this heart rate monitor is made of high-quality silicone, which also has many perforations apart from those that are designed to carry out an appropriate closure. This is how Polar sought to reduce the weight of the product a little more.

Heart rate monitors have always been accompanied by a large screen and this is no exception, since the M430 has a retro-illuminated one with a resolution of 128×128 pixels, so you can comfortably observe every detail. It also includes some physical buttons located right on the sides, and they are designed so that you can easily move through the heart rate monitor menu.

Among other details, regarding the design of this model, we could not forget to mention that it integrates an optical pulse sensor, to improve its operation, being able to provide you with the information you need before each use. In addition, for those who practice swimming, this heart rate monitor could be the perfect option according to the opinions of some users, since it is resistant to water so you could submerge it to a depth of up to 30 meters in total, being able to swim with it without problems.

Autonomy and connectivity

This could be considered the best heart rate monitor available on the market for the variety of features it has to offer, each one designed to make you enjoy a good user experience. In addition to its design and functions, it is also important that you consider the autonomy that this product could provide apart from the level of connectivity.

Speaking more about the M430 model, we must say that it is a heart rate monitor that has an integrated  240 mAh battery, capable of allowing you to enjoy a good capacity in terms of autonomy, which has been incorporated to compensate for the large battery consumption that It supposes the optical sensor that it includes for pulse monitoring. In this sense, its autonomy could be up to 8 hours while in training mode, recording data, using GPS and in turn using said optical sensor.

Regarding its GPS, it should be noted that this time the Polar brand has included different GPS recording modes in this heart rate monitor so that you can save the battery necessary to create long-lasting activity. That is, you could make use of the maximum precision mode that consists of 8 hours of autonomy using the optical sensor and GPS. On the other hand, the medium precision mode would allow you to carry out a recording of GPS points every 30 seconds while monitoring your pulse would be every second. Finally, you could also use the minimum precision and maximum battery saving mode, where you will obtain quality operation for up to 30 hours.

On the other hand, if we talk about the connection that this heart rate monitor offers you, it may become the ideal model for you, since you could link it with different accessories such as a heart rate band, if you wish. It is also compatible with some cycling accessories.

Likewise, via Bluetooth you could also maintain a connection with your mobile, which is convenient so that you can transfer both your training sessions and the activities and programs that you carry out using the Polar Flow application.

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