Opinions about Polar V650

Main advantage:

One of the highlights of this Polar model is that it has a touch screen, a case made of polycarbonate and a compact design, which will allow you to enjoy both resistance and comfort so that you can easily manipulate it.

Main disadvantage:

One drawback of the V650 is that some users have reported problems synchronizing and transferring routes and maps with some Xiaomi, Huawei, LG and Apple mobile devices.

Verdict: 9.6/10

This GPS device will allow you to track your routes, download different maps and routines from other users, so we invite you to consider it among your options.

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Main Features Explained

Features and technology

When users seek opinions regarding the most important features to consider before purchasing a GPS, we invite them to carefully evaluate the features that the equipment has.

Among the most outstanding functions that the Polar V650 has, you can find those that measure the distance in kilometers and miles so that you take into account the route you make, lap indicator on the fly, add, modify and view sports reports available for that your training can be more rigorous or soft depending on the one you have selected. Also, the team has a function for you to share your training in the Polar community and make new friends or change the routine to one that suits your pace of life.

Additionally, with this GPS you can also manage other maps from different Polar Flow web sites to your device, as long as they are compatible with GPS and GPX and TCX file formats. In other words, you will have complete freedom to decide which maps to add and which service to use to download them, so it is a useful aspect that does not tie you to any service or subscription.

On the other hand, this model has an LED light on the front that you can activate by accessing the device interface and use it at night so you don’t lose your way. In addition to this, another aspect that should be highlighted about this device is that it has IPX7 protection technology, which means that it has a high tolerance for water. That is, in other words, you will be able to use the GPS in both humid and rainy climates, so you will not have to worry about it being damaged if you went out in full sun and suddenly on the road there is a bad weather. rainy.


If among your plans you plan to acquire one of the best GPS for bicycles, we invite you to first consider the design of the equipment. In other words, the essential thing is that you get a model that you can easily manipulate and that has an adequate weight and dimensions so that you can take it with you anywhere.

This product presented by the Polar brand has dimensions of 14.7 x 9.7 x 7.3 centimeters and weighs only 118 grams, making it a compact device that you can operate very comfortably and even store it in any pocket without its weight becoming a problem.

It comes in a black color scheme with white trim to match the hues of your bike and any accessories you attach to it. Its casing is made of polycarbonate, which provides resistance to shocks, scratches and falls. Also, this model is one of the winners of the Red Dot award in the category of best design due to its elegance, practicality and ergonomics.

On the other hand, this model has a high resolution color screen of 320 x 340 pixels, which will allow you to view the content displayed with sharp and vivid tones. In addition, you will also be able to manipulate the device in a very practical way, since it is tactile, so you will not have to worry about pressing an infinite number of buttons to be able to access the variety of functions that GPS offers you. In a few words, just by gently touching the equipment screen with your fingers in the corresponding segment, you can navigate through its interface, manage options and settings, route modes, notifications and other aspects included in this Polar-branded equipment.

Compatibility and accessories

Before looking at the price of the GPS model you intend to purchase, another feature that we invite you to evaluate is the compatibility of the device with the different types of maps and accessories.

A highlight of the Polar The Polar V650 is that it keeps its software constantly updated so that you can use the different third-party mapping and workout services, such as Strava, Apple Health Kit, TrainingPeaks, MyFitnessPal, Google Fit and MapMyFitness. In addition, you can share up to 25 training sessions at the same time, which will let your friends know about your routines and so you can help them stay fit, as long as you create an account on and add your devices.

On the other hand, another outstanding aspect of this GPS device for bicycles is that it includes a rechargeable lithium battery that has no memory effect and has a range of 10 hours. In addition to this, you can also purchase fast charger cables and external batteries to extend the durability of the equipment and complete your routes.

Additionally, it is compatible with most third-party accessories and complements on the market, such as silicone covers, protectors, cardiovascular, speed, cadence, balance sensors, Bluetooth potentiometers, among other products from recognized brands. However, we invite you to view the user manual so that you know in depth the products with which it cannot be connected.

This model can also be used with bicycle mounts so that you can place the GPS on the handlebar and view the screen in a very practical way. With the safety straps you will allow the device to prevent it from falling while you are pedaling and receiving a strong impact that could affect its operating system or even damage the screen.

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