Opinions about Retekess V115

Main advantage:

This model maintains the traditional ability to tune into all kinds of stations, both FM and AM, adding to the product the possibility of comfortably playing content stored in MP3 format.

Main disadvantage:

Some comments indicate that the quality of the materials could be improved, and it is advisable to treat the product with care to prevent it from deteriorating prematurely.

Verdict: 9.8/10

A model located among the best portable radios that we currently have on the market, offering all kinds of functions to take your radio stations and your favorite music wherever you want.

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Main Features Explained

tuning functions

The Retekess V115 model is located within the traditional portable radios, so that you will be able to tune in to all your usual stations. For this purpose, the product has a tuner capable of capturing waves in FM and also in AM, the old modulated antenna and which is now in disuse, but which is a good solution to capture a signal when we are in mountainous or complicated areas.. A task in which we have the traditional deployable antenna, with which to have a little more signal strength when necessary.

For this tuning we have an advanced system, with a high capacity to detect all types of emissions in an automated way. So you won’t have to fight with the wheels of conventional models, since this product takes care of doing everything for you. This system has the advantage that you won’t have to memorize frequencies, since this can be done by the radio for you, so that it stores your favorite stations and you can access them comfortably.

By the way, it goes without saying that all the audio functions of the product can be enjoyed directly with the radio, through the included speaker or through the traditional Jack connection, where you can connect your headphones.

Control system

As befits a highly-reviewed model, this digital portable radio also makes it easy to control and manage all of the equipment’s functions. Something that is obvious due to the large size of the device’s screen, as well as the product’s keypad, with which it is easy to control everything that the radio can do.

On this screen we will be able to see both the frequencies and manage the playback of MP3 files, as we will see later. On the right of the screen we have the buttons with which to turn on the radio and choose the operating mode or the frequency band to use. Just below the screen we have the 10 memory buttons, as well as those for playback and search control. And to top it off, on the right we have the menu button and the volume control. Everything always at hand.

The approach of the product thus simplifies the whole process of controlling the different options of the equipment in any part. As an extra, the device also has a backlight on the LCD screen, so you can even use it when the light is poor. Functions typical of a higher priced portable radio, but in this case you can enjoy it in a cost-effective model.

Other features

We close this review by taking a look at other features that make the product stand out from other portable radios on the market. One of them is rechargeable battery power, so we don’t have to use conventional batteries. In fact, the battery is a 1,000 mAh Nokia BL 5, so its durability and quality are beyond question.

Also notable is its MP3 function. This feature allows you to enjoy your favorite music just by inserting an SD card, making it easy to load those files and control playback using the aforementioned button panel. So if the radio function falls short, you can always play your music or podcasts stored on an SD card directly on the device.

We cannot forget, before finishing, the comfort of taking the product with us. We are talking about a digital radio that is the size of a mobile phone of about 5 inches, so it is easy to carry it in your pocket or in your backpack comfortably. Something to which its weight also contributes, estimated at about 159 grams.

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