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Main advantage: 

The incorporation of an automated type lubrication system inside the equipment is a very flattering aspect, since you will not have to add oil to the mechanical parts manually, which will save you time and money.

Main disadvantage: 

It is possible that if the maximum load suggested by the manufacturer for this treadmill is not respected, the motor will decrease its power level a little. But it is something that is considered normal.

Verdict: 9.5/10

The equipment is one of the best purchase options, because it incorporates an ergonomic heart rate monitor and a monitoring screen with intuitive operation, where you can monitor relevant information.  

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Main Features Explained

Silent operation and lubrication

If you are looking for a treadmill to carry out your daily exercise routine, the invitation is to review this model patented by the Sportstech brand. It is a team that stands out for incorporating a powerful engine with a fairly quiet performance, which has been praised multiple times in specialized portals. 

Similarly, this personal device has been provided with an innovative lubrication system, which will allow you to save time and money performing this task. On the other hand, we cannot fail to mention its competitive price, which together with other design and operating features make this model one of the best treadmills.

Regarding the starter motor with which the Sportstech F10 has been provided, we have that its construction was carried out in 100% copper. This is a rather interesting particularity, since it is an element whose composition allows a significant reduction in the noise generated after start-up. In this sense, we would be in the presence of a maximum level of only 68 decibels acquired by programming the equipment at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour. This sound level is low, especially if you place the machine in a spacious room. 

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that the engine’s manufacturing material was also strategically selected, because it is capable of withstanding constant operation without deteriorating. Thus, the device offers a long service life.

Regarding the lubrication system of the structure, the manufacturer had an automated method for greater practicality. In this way, you will not have to manually lubricate the motor and the rest of the mechanical areas of the treadmill, since silicone oil is automatically released periodically. This is an aspect of great importance, since it allows the optimization of the operation of the equipment.

Dimensions and folding system

As is well known, the acquisition of a treadmill requires a prior verification of its main attributes, referring in this opportunity to the dimensions. In this way, we will avoid any type of inconvenience once we have the product at home. In this sense, if we want to carry equipment that really suits our space needs, we should avoid making a hasty purchase.

Sportstech treadmills have a format of 124 x 62 x 134 centimeters, in the case of dimensions that at first glance can be a bit large. However, this is justified by reviewing the length – width provided for the running surface, which corresponds to 101 x 34.5 centimeters respectively.

For its part, the side rails provided for the feet have a length – width of 90 x 8 centimeters, while the distance between the band and the ground is only 7.5 centimeters. These measures are quite favorable, because we will have a spacious surface to walk, jog or run without limitations, when stepping on the treadmill.

Similarly, the issue of structure size can significantly influence the storage process. However, you should not worry, since the manufacturer incorporated a quick folding mechanism that manages to reduce the width of the equipment from 124 to 55 centimeters. This is the “easy fold” system, which is an innovative technology that works by means of a hydraulic-type bolt at the base of the band. Its function is to automatically store said surface from bottom to top, being a fairly simple procedure that does not imply any type of effort on the part of the user.

It is important to mention that thanks to the incorporation of said mechanism you will be able to save significant space when folding the device, being able to place it in the garage, closet or any corner of the home.

Belt heart rate monitor and screen

The realization of any physical effort implies the immediate acceleration of our pulsations, this being a situation that we cannot take lightly. Let us remember that an acceleration above normal standards could lead to health risk consequences. For example, a sedentary person who, by medical order or on his own initiative, has begun to do cardiovascular work, will need to monitor his heart rate before, during and after the exercise. The same applies to high-performance athletes. In this way, a cardiac arrhythmia will be foreseen, which is nothing more than the alteration of our pulsations, being in this case produced by an over demand when exercising.

Sportstech F10 is a positively valued device according to the opinions of the buyers, because it has been provided with a fairly reliable heart rate detection system. To do this, it incorporates an ergonomically designed belt, which you can adjust to the chest area before starting the exercise. In this way, the sensors will measure the number of beats per minute and send the information directly to the front screen for monitoring.

Regarding the screen, we have that it is of the LCD type and its format is quite spacious. In addition, it offers blue backlighting and black digits, being a couple of features that make it easy to read the data provided after each practice cycle. Additionally, the console casing has a small control panel from which you can see information such as the distance traveled, the time, the speed acquired, the burning of calories and changes in heart rate.

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