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Main advantage: 

The lithium-ion battery incorporated in this sports watch is a positively commented aspect, since it can be easily recharged via a USB cable or by means of an AC adapter. In addition, it has an adequate level of autonomy. 

Main disadvantage: 

This sports watch can only be synchronized with the computer but not with your smartphone, which could represent a limitation.

Verdict: 9.6/10

This watch has been endowed with a spacious and waterproof screen, which enhances a quick reading of the measured data. In addition, its anatomical strap adjusts according to your needs.

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Main Features Explained

Battery, charge and autonomy

As you may already know, sports watches incorporate a battery, which serves as a power source for the development of their operational functions. In this sense, it is important that when purchasing equipment of this type you look at this feature. In this way, we will be able to know data regarding its useful life, charging method, autonomy offered, among other aspects of interest. Thus, we will avoid any type of setbacks when starting to use the device and start our routes and / or training.

When analyzing the Adventurer sports watch patented by the renowned TomTom house, the first thing we will find is that its case has been provided with a lithium-ion battery that you can easily charge. It is a simple process for which you must first disassemble the strap, thus separating the case from it. Thus, you can proceed to identify the adjustment port of the built-in USB cable and connect the other end to your computer.

It is important that you take into consideration the manufacturer’s recommendation to divide the charging time into two parts, starting on the computer and, a few minutes later, disconnecting it, to place the adapter and plug it into an alternating current source. In this way, we will be promoting a mandatory synchronization of both the software and the activities scheduled by the clock. 

With regard to autonomy, keep in mind that the battery’s energy consumption may vary depending on the working modes you program on the device. If you activate the music mode, the heart rate monitor and the GPS, the autonomy is limited to a range of approximately four hours, while if you use only the heart rate monitor with the GPS, the battery life time can be extended to eight hours. But if what you want is to extend its use to up to 10 hours, you will have to activate a single function.


The screen of the purchased equipment is also of great importance for those who are looking for a sports watch, since it is the means that the athlete has to monitor all the information thrown after each of the training sessions carried out. In this sense, it is necessary that said surface is spacious enough and that it offers a correct distribution of the measured data. In this way, we can carry out a quick reading with just a glance and without having to interrupt the training.

For example, TomTom Adventurer is a sports watch that for a competitive price offers great attributes in terms of quality, format and operation of its screen. It is a 25-millimeter surface, made of polycarbonate glass, a material with an adequate level of resistance. 

In addition, it incorporates a treatment against splashes and submersion no greater than 40 meters. In this sense, you will not have to worry about unexpected precipitation that occurs when exposed to the elements. You can also incorporate the watch into your swimming practices to measure your performance.

Among other features to highlight about the screen of this sports watch manufactured by the TomTom house, we have the issue of displaying the information displayed. This is an aspect that has managed to please a large number of users, who express through their opinions on the different purchase portals that this is a watch that is easy and quick to read. This is possible because the screen background is black and the large projected digits and graphs are in grayscale. This contrast prevents eyes from getting tired and significantly improves reading under good lighting conditions.

strap design

Watches are generally made up of two parts: the case, where the sensors and screen are located, as well as the adjustment strap. The latter is precisely an area in which you should pay close attention if you want to buy the best sports watch, since it is in charge of providing the necessary support to keep the watch on our wrist, without causing discomfort. Therefore, it will be necessary to know the manufacturing material, the format of the piece and the closing method.

The manufacturer TomTom selected for its Adventurer sports watch a strap made of silicone with a soft touch and a moderately rigid body, which adapts anatomically to your wrist. It is a resistant material and free of toxic agents in its composition, so you will not have to worry about the generation of any type of allergy when in direct contact with the skin.

The design of the strap is quite simple and has no textures, which is quite convenient when cleaning it. Let us remember that perspiration and external agents such as dust tend to lodge easily in the different cuts applied in some designs, which makes them more complicated to clean.

The strap has a width of 2.6 centimeters and the particularity of being able to be removed from the watch case, which allows you to connect the charging cable more comfortably. In addition, it is important to mention that the closure method incorporates a buckle with a double rigid plastic hook and therefore two rows of holes to hook them.

In the same way, a press made of rubber is attached to correctly attach the strap. Thus, you will adjust the watch according to your taste and needs, but remember that this watch must be as tight as possible to the wrist, so that the sensor can detect the pulsations accurately.

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