Opinions about Trangoworld Goym

Main advantage:

This is a garment of adequate resistance, pleasant soft touch on the outside and inside and adaptable to the natural movements of the body, thanks to the combination of elastane, cotton and polyester fibers. In addition, the fabric retains body heat without limiting breathability.

Main disadvantage:

You may need to purchase the garment in a size above your usual size, as the cut pattern is a bit tighter than that offered by other brands.

Verdict: 9.9/10

This garment is not only aimed at outdoor activities, but you can also wear it daily, since it has a modern, functional cut and great finishes.

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Main Features Explained


The combination of more than two fabrics for the manufacture of sports garments is increasingly common in the industry, as brands try to take advantage of the best of each fiber to provide good results with respect to heat retention, release of humidity, impermeability, perspiration, comfort, among other aspects of interest.

A good example of this are these Goym mountain pants, belonging to the Trangoworld house catalogue, which, according to the opinions of the buyers, not only offer comfort and protection, but also have a fairly competitive purchase price in relation to others. models with similar characteristics.

For the interior area of ​​these pants, 35% and 65% cotton and polyester were used, respectively, which provide the garment with an adequate level of softness and retention of body heat for longer without sacrificing adequate breathability.

For its part, the outer area has been woven with 2% elastane threads and 98% cotton, so you will enjoy a soft touch on a resistant and slightly flexible fabric. This last feature enhances the free mobility of the legs to sit down, kneel, bend over, raise the legs, run or jump, as if the pants were a second skin.


When setting out on our outdoor adventures, it is important to have some specific items on hand such as a compass, a whistle, a knife or a snack. In the same way, personal objects such as the wallet, documentation, keys and mobile phone, it will always be better to have them more protected with us than inside the backpack. For this reason, when selecting our mountain pants, it is convenient that they incorporate some strategically distributed pockets on the sides of the legs, upper or rear area of ​​the garment.

Trangoworld Goym is a product valued positively in shopping portals and recommended among the best mountain pants, since it incorporates a series of spacious pockets with a fairly discreet, safe and fully functional design. Two of them are on the upper sides next to the hips, while the remaining pair is one on each side of the legs horizontally.

Each of these four pockets has been provided with its respective zipper, which provides easy opening, so you don’t have to stop halfway to access the objects contained inside the pocket. Also, thanks to the attached closure method you won’t have to worry about losing any of your belongings, unless you leave the zipper open.

fabric care

The acquisition of mountain pants requires the verification of a series of aspects associated with their preparation, design, size, finishes, among others. However, people often forget that said garment must be washed constantly, so it is necessary to know the needs of each textile to avoid deterioration.

In this sense, it is important not only to focus the purchase on the aesthetics of the textile piece, but also to inquire about the cleaning treatment that should be applied to it. Remember that the ideal will always be that it is a simple wash garment, that we can incorporate into the washing machine and dry quickly.

In the case of this Trangoworld model, we have that its fibers, despite being quite resistant, require some care. Among them, cold washing at a temperature of 30 °C stands out, as well as avoiding dry cleaning and the use of bleach, which, although they remove dirt quickly, will end up weakening the fibers.

Similarly, the dryer is prohibited for these mountain pants, since the heat is too intense and the elastane threads can lose their elasticity. However, the fabric can be ironed without problems at a temperature not higher than 110 °C.

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