Opinions about Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Main advantage:

This model is capable of withstanding a pressure of up to 5 ATM, which would be equivalent to 50 m under water. For this reason, it is suitable for different water sports such as swimming, being able to recognize 5 different strokes.

Main disadvantage:

When charging, it is necessary to remove the capsule from the bracelet, which can be a disadvantage compared to other swimming watches. However, it is a quick and easy process.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is the best swimming watch according to the opinions of many users, since it has a good price and supports Bluetooth 5.0, iOS 9.0 and Android 4.4 or higher versions.

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Main Features Explained


The improvements of this activity bracelet with respect to the previous Mi Smart Band 3 is that it has an improved activity recognition system, as well as a larger area to detect heart rate. In addition, this model is more independent of the mobile phone, being necessary only when using the GPS. 

The basic functions of the Mi Band 4 include clock, sleep monitoring, notification of incoming calls and the ability to reject them, important problem reminder, among others. In addition, it is capable of providing information on daily activities, such as calories burned and distance traveled.

This watch recognizes 6 different sports activities; cycling, running, walking, swimming, treadmill and exercise. This last function is very useful for exercises that require a fixed position, such as yoga, allowing you to monitor training sessions at home. As for the swimming mode, this sports watch offers you the possibility of configuring the size of the pool, in addition, the manufacturer indicates that it detects 5 types of strokes. 

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that according to the manufacturer the battery life is 20 days, with a standard configuration of heart rate monitoring every 30 minutes, 2 alarms, 100 notifications, 10 taps on the screen, 5 minutes. of vibration and 1 synchronization with the application per day. However, it must be taken into account that the more use, the less the battery lasts.


One of the features that define this watch is its AMOLED screen, which consumes less power and is lighter. However, it measures 0.95 inches, that is, 39.9% larger when compared to the Mi Band 3. This allows information to be read more easily without the need for visual effort.

In addition, it is the first fitness tracker in this series that features a 24-bit color screen and a maximum range of 100%, in this sense, it offers a high definition of 240 x 120 pixels, all this without being too expensive. Plus, it’s bright enough to see data even if you’re in direct sunlight.

Another advantage of this watch over previous models is that the glass surrounding the screen is less rounded at the edges, resulting in a flatter screen, allowing fewer reflections to be seen, therefore information can be read. more clearly, facilitating the use of the device.

We must mention at this point that all the benefits on the screen do not make this activity bracelet lose autonomy, since many users have reported that they can use it for a long period of time with constant use without having to constantly recharge it.


We can say that at first glance the Mi Band 4 is very similar to the previous version of this series, however, the design has improved considerably. It is made up of a silicone strap with 12 holes to adjust it to the wrist, so it offers a wide range to be used by people of different builds. It is also breathable and offers good support to avoid irritation and discomfort when exercising.

This is a sports watch, so we can think that it is inelegant, however, it is sober and minimalist enough to combine it with practically any garment. In addition, it is discreet and practical, thanks to its measurements of 17.9 x 46.9 x 12 mm and its weight of 22 grams that is comfortable on the wrist.

It also includes a capacitive touch button that not only makes it practical, but also avoids the indented design of other models, being almost imperceptible and giving the watch a flatter, more compact and smoother appearance, especially when the screen is off.

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