Opinions about Xiaomi Qicycle

Main advantage:

Get to your workplace quickly and easily with this electric bicycle that reaches up to 25 kilometers per hour, in addition to having three speeds and a range of 45 kilometers that allows you to move calmly, without having to worry much about the battery.

Main disadvantage:

This model emits a continuous noise that comes from the handlebar and is produced by vibration when driving, which is uncomfortable for some users. However, this is normal for this type of vehicle.

Verdict: 9.7/10

If you are looking for the best electric bicycle, we recommend you look at this practical model that stands out for being equipped with a computer that monitors your pedaling, speed and calorie consumption data in real time.

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Main Features Explained

power and speeds

When searching among the best electric bicycles that the market offers, one characteristic that you should look at is the power of its motor and the speed that it offers the user, since it is important to remember that these vehicles incorporate a small motor that facilitates the movement of users about them. Therefore, by offering autonomy of movement on a lightweight structure, these products are created as a cross between a bicycle and a motorcycle. In addition, depending on the type of engine, they can reach different speeds, however, this factor directly affects the price of the model.

The motor that incorporates this model is 250 watts of nominal power, which is the value allowed by law for approved electric bicycles, helping users pedal up to a speed of 25 kilometers per hour. This model incorporates a TMM4 force sensor that is installed on the rear wheel, which helps detect the force of your pedaling and multiplies it by 150%. This allows you to move comfortably and quickly within your city, managing to avoid traffic. In addition, this engine has a three-speed gear system, which will allow you to go up and down the slopes easily.

Currently, most manufacturers of motors for electric bicycles have focused especially on designing them looking for a balance in weight between the battery and the motor, since they are integrated into the lower part of the bicycle frame, distributing the power to the wheel. rear. In addition, by having a traditional rear wheel, its maintenance is carried out in a similar way as in bicycles without a motor.

Battery and autonomy

When you are listening to opinions about electric bicycles, one of the main things that you will hear repeatedly is the great advantage that they have in offering quite a considerable range of movement and that it helps to travel for a certain distance without the need to be exhausted by pedaling. However, if you are about to buy a new electric bicycle, it is natural that you have some doubts about its autonomy, especially how many kilometers you can travel and how long the battery lasts.

Remember something very important: even if you keep your battery fully charged, it is very difficult for you to achieve the same results, as well as the same autonomy. For example, while one day you manage to travel about 100 kilometers, another similar day you may be able to do 60 kilometers. Don’t worry though, there is an explanation for this. Consider that, in the case of electric bicycles, autonomy is not given by capacity, but by other factors such as weight, the physical condition of each user, the route, so the battery will not have the same duration for a person weighing 60 kilograms than with another person weighing 90 kilograms.

If we look at this detail, we certainly recommend you look at this model, since it incorporates a battery that is manufactured by the LG company with a large capacity of approximately 5,800 mAh, so it will allow you to enjoy autonomous operation for about 45 kilometers. which is ideal for driving around the city without having to worry about traffic. On the other hand, the battery is completely integrated by the internal part of the One-Piece tubular chassis, very easy to replace or charge it independently.

Design and special features

Before choosing your new electric bicycle, it is highly recommended that you take into account a series of very important factors that will help you when deciding on one or another of the models that the market offers you. Among those factors, you can’t help but look at some of the most important features: design and ergonomics. In the same way as it happens in the conventional bicycle market, we will find designs or types of electric bicycles for rides in the city, mountain, folding and for racing. All are valid alternatives to circulate within a city and usually perform their function efficiently.

Currently, the walking and folding models are among the best sellers among the range of electric bicycles. Broadly speaking, an electric bicycle is the same as a traditional one, but to which a motor has been added to help the user’s pedaling work, while the folding versions add the possibility of storing the product very easily almost anywhere. in addition to that they can go on public transport with ease.

This Xiaomi brand electric bicycle meets all the specifications and advantages for being an electric and folding model, in addition to being ultra light, weighing only 14.5 kilograms, so you can easily take it on your walks and trips. On the other hand, it incorporates a practical computer that helps you monitor all your pedaling, speed, distance, force and calorie consumption data in real time. You can also control the operating modes and know all your historical data. Finally, it is important to consider that this bike is equipped with 16-inch wheels.

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