Orbea MX 20 Reviews

Main advantage:

Among the positive aspects of this bicycle is its manufacture in aluminum alloy, since it is a material with great lightness and, therefore, facilitates the maneuver of the equipment. In addition, it is resistant to impacts that may arise.

Main disadvantage:

Since the pedals of this bicycle have not been provided with their respective toe clips, the person will have to be careful when pedaling to avoid foot slippage.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a bicycle with a V-brake system, which acts directly on the wheel, providing a safe stop. It has an ergonomic saddle and adds fenders, for a comfortable and safe ride.

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Main Features Explained


Knowing the type of frame used by the manufacturer for the construction of the bicycle to be purchased is convenient to evaluate part of the level of resistance offered by the product. Remember that this structure is responsible for supporting the weight of the accessories and the person who pedals.

In addition, there is the issue of the weight of the frame, which is recommended to be light, to improve the maneuverability of the bicycle, enhance the speed gain when traveling on straight lines or descents, and reduce the effort of the person during ascents.

Orbea MX 20 is a bicycle model that, according to the opinions of the buyers, perfectly complies with the aforementioned aspects. For the construction of the frame, aluminum alloy was used, which is a material characterized by having a lower density than that offered by steel. However, this light alloy has a good level of corrosion resistance.

In addition, it is important to mention that the Orbea house used an exclusive design for the frame of this model. It is a structure called hexatubing, whose purpose is to provide the cyclist with an adequate level of stability when pedaling and, in turn, increase the aerodynamic movement to acquire greater speed.


Selecting a bicycle is a task that requires reviewing various aspects related to its manufacture and the components incorporated into it. For example, the saddle. This is a piece that perhaps not many people take into consideration, since they tend to prioritize the evaluation of the handlebars, speeds, brakes or other elements. However, if we start from the fact that when embarking on a cycling route, we will spend hours pedaling sitting on the saddle, then the perspective of the analysis of the product quality indicators will change immediately.

In this sense, the ideal would be to verify that the bicycle has been provided with an anatomically shaped saddle, so that it adapts to the natural shape of the body. Likewise, the structure must have a soft touch and, if possible, must incorporate an adjustment mechanism for height or position.

For example, the MX 20, belonging to the Orbea brand catalogue, has a Velo 7087 model saddle, which offers a padded surface covered in black poly-leather, being a material with a pleasant touch. In addition, a special piece is integrated in the lower part of the saddle to regulate its height. Thus, it is possible to adapt said part according to the height of the person.

Tires and fenders

Knowing the type of tires fitted to the bicycle is an important aspect, because thanks to them it is possible to determine the performance of the equipment on pavement or uneven ground. 

Similarly, there is the issue of fenders, which are considered one of the essential accessories in this type of product, whose purpose is to prevent elements such as water, sand, mud, rocks or any other residue when the bicycle is running. be splashed from the ground into the air. Thus, the cyclist will be able to undertake the route with the peace of mind that his legs will not be exposed to said external agents.

This is precisely the case of the Orbea MX 20 model, valued as one of the best bicycles with a competitive price on the market, since its structure has been provided with a pair of 24-inch Kenda tires, thin and with a series of medium-sized grooves. deep. In this way, they provide a correct grip on dry or wet pavement. Likewise, they incorporate chromed aluminum wheels, resistant to corrosion.

On the other hand, there is the pair of fenders placed on the tires, which have been built in lightweight aluminum. In addition, these pieces were varnished with black anti-scratch paint, which gives them a sporty look and protects them at the same time.

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